Sanborn Using Optech’s State-of-the-Art Lynx Mobile Mapper

Toronto, Canada – December 7, 2009 – Optech Incorporated, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced lidar survey instruments, is pleased to announce Sanborn’s acquisition of Optech’s next-generation Lynx Mobile Mapper™. Sanborn is a pioneer in the deployment of mobile mapping technology. As early as 2001, Sanborn was creating digital maps that captured visually and geospatially accurate roads, infrastructure, and other assets using VISAT™ (Video Inertial Satellite) video capture and GPS/IMU technology. Today, Sanborn continues to push the leading edge of technology with the acquisition and deployment of the Optech Lynx V200 Mobile Mapper. This advanced mobile mapping system combines lidar data with high-resolution video collection to achieve the accuracy required for today’s engineering-grade applications and solutions.

The Lynx Mobile Mapper boasts a revolutionary new lidar sensor head that leverages Optech’s extensive experience in surveying development, in addition to iFLEX – the latest in lidar innovation – to collect survey-grade lidar data at over 200,000 measurements per second with a 360º field-of-view (FOV), while maintaining a Class 1 eye safety rating.

“The idea of capturing data from both a terrestrial scanner and airborne scanner and its seamless integration is something we envisioned from the inception of the Lynx Mobile Mapper,” said  Albert Iavarone, Optech’s Business Unit Manager of Industrial and 3D Imaging. “Sanborn has the knowledge base to quickly and effortlessly fuse both data sets with a rich, dense, complete data set being the deliverable. Optech is excited to have Sanborn expand their business with the Lynx system, and Sanborn’s customer base will be the ultimate winner.”

The addition of the Lynx Mobile Mapper allows Sanborn to offer their complete “Ground2Sky” picture of the world and its environment, and is a natural extension to the workflows and processes in place for airborne lidar collection and processing.

About Optech Incorporated
Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. Optech offers client-driven lidar solutions in airborne terrestrial mapping, airborne laser bathymetry, laser imaging, mine cavity monitoring and industrial process control, as well as space-qualified sensors for orbital operations and planetary exploration.

About Sanborn
With a rich tradition of mapping, dating back to 1866, Sanborn is a comprehensive end-to-end geospatial solutions company. Sanborn provides geographic and location-based information from data capture through design and development of custom applications including systems integration, spatial analysis and modeling. Leveraging a history of remote sensing capabilities, Sanborn delivers high-quality capabilities from traditional ground surveys, cadastral mapping, aerial surveys, photogrammetry and imagery analysis, to advanced web-based information systems and state-of-the-art 3D visualization systems. Sanborn has multiple offices partnering with customers worldwide to ensure their success.

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