Maptek Vulcan is the Underground Design Package of Choice

International engineering and project management company, AMEC has chosen to increase its use of Maptek™ Vulcan software for mine planning and mine design applications.

AMEC is a supplier of high-value consultancy, engineering and project management services to the world’s energy, power and process industries. Vulcan is a proven 3D geological modelling and mine planning package which remains at the forefront of innovation in mining technology solutions.

A key reason for selecting Vulcan as one of its software programs of choice is the flexibility of the package for assessing deposits for the optimal mining scenario. Whether open pit or underground mining, Vulcan fits the bill. Another driver is that many of AMEC’s clients are asking for Vulcan.

“AMEC is a world leader in providing mine design services to clients. To do that, we have to use the best tools and develop innovative procedures,” commented Larry Smith, AMEC VP Consulting, Mining & Metals.

Vulcan is instrumental in resource estimation and underground mine planning applications including survey, geological modelling, drill & blast, grade control and geostatistical tasks.

“With Maptek, AMEC know they can rely on the latest technology in Vulcan combined with Maptek’s 30 years in the mining business,” said Jeff Handley, Vulcan Sales Manager for North America.

Vulcan builds a common platform between technical design and planning teams, and allows 3D models to be shared with management and stakeholders.

AMEC has implemented Vulcan software at multiple sites, including Denver, Phoenix, Reno, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Santiago.
About Maptek
Maptek™ is a global company that has been developing 3D mining technology for almost 30 years, helping mining companies to maintain their competitive advantage. Maptek’s robust, modular systems include Maptek Vulcan™, one of the world’s longest standing 3D mine planning and modelling packages, and Maptek I-Site™ which provides easy-to-use high technology surveying solutions. Some 4000 licences of Vulcan are in use across the globe for applications ranging from exploration, through geological modelling, mine design and planning to rehabilitation. Maptek MineSuite™ is a mine production monitoring and fleet management system. Maptek products are in use at more than 800 sites worldwide, supported by our responsive customer help desk, training and consulting services.