GIS Services Provider Changes Leadership

Data Enhancement Services’ New President Sets Stage for Growth

July 7, 2009, Frederick, MD – Data Enhancement Services (DES) announced it has changed company leadership in a strategic move to lead the organization to its next growth stage. Rich Freedland assumed the role of president under the direction of the board of directors in March of this year. DES continues to provide state and local government, utilities and telecommunications customers with sophisticated geographic information systems (GIS) software services for hydrology and mapping applications.

In his new role, Freedland will focus DES’s initiatives on strategic planning and marketing of the company’s specialized mapping software services. Company founder Bernard Catalinotto has redirected his activities to lead the company’s technology and market development as director of Geospatial Services.

Founded in 2004, DES’s client roster today includes such organizations as the State of Delaware, the State of New Jersey, and several municipalities and state government agencies. Its products are used by water districts, transportation departments, natural resource departments and others to streamline GIS data use for hydrology and mapping applications. In addition, DES’s products are used by commercial customers for enhancing Internet map data and by the U.S. military for automating data processing operations.

“DES customers have developed a fierce loyalty to us for our highly efficient data processing services,” said Freedland. “Until now, we’ve done a very good job of getting by on our technological superiority. But it’s time to increase our market recognition, plan for the long-term and capitalize on the $6 billion mapping services industry.”

Bruce Chizen, former CEO of Adobe Systems and a DES advisory committee member, said, “Rich has demonstrated an ability to fully leverage the talents and skills of each employee, most of whom are performing multiple tasks. Keeping a team of very creative individuals focused is a very special trait and Rich seems to do that over and over again.” Other advisory committee members include Bernard (Beau) James, former software engineering director for Cisco Systems, and Milt Grinberg, PhD, project director for Intuit, Inc.

Prior to being appointed to DES as president, Freedland provided senior management in the areas of marketing, business development and strategic planning for technology companies including Laser Research, Katsina Optics, HDI Instrumentation and Clean Power Markets. From 1987 to 1998, he was president of Helios Incorporated (which was sold to Phase Metrics and later acquired by KLA Tencore). Prior to that, he held senior management positions at Konica Technology, Shugart Corp., Epelo Corp., Ampex Corp. and Eastman Kodak Company.

Freedland received a master’s of business administration with high honors from Golden Gate University and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Syracuse University.

About Data Enhancement Services
Frederick, Maryland-based Data Enhancement Services (DES) provides highly automated geographic information systems data conflation and feature extraction services for state and local government organizations, utilities companies, telecommunications companies, commercial organizations and the U.S. military. Information about DES may be found at