RTK Freedom Network Merges with Crop Circle RTK

Kansas City company expands GPS network to serve the precision agriculture industry with technology

Kansas City, Mo. (June 8, 2009) – Kansas City based Freedom Network, Inc. announces a merger with Crop Circle RTK of Nevada, Mo. Freedom RTK LLC will be the name of the consolidated company. This transaction will quickly expand the coverage and service area that RTK Freedom Network’s GPS precise positioning network currently provides. 

RTK Freedom Network launched GPS network service September, 2008. The initial subscribers to the network are surveyors and engineering professionals. The merger with Crop Circle RTK will expand the company’s access to a new customer base, the agriculture industry. Crop Circle RTK has been providing services to Midwest agricultural producers since January, 2007. The agricultural industry uses the accurate positioning that a GPS network provides for precision agriculture operations such as GPS automated steering, input application and water management.

According to RTK Freedom Network General Manager, Jim Martin, “Agricultural demands for GPS positioning are growing exponentially. The merger of our two organizations brings the very latest technology and service capabilities to the agricultural community in the Midwest. We are delighted to work with a prestigious group like Crop Circle RTK.”

The primary advantage of the network offered by Freedom RTK LLC is the ability for customers to utilize their existing GPS hardware. Additional advantages of RTK Freedom Network are centimeter accuracy, increased reliability, 24/7 network availability and improved communication via cell modem that when combined, result in efficiency and increased productivity.

“Incorporating our base stations into Jim’s network will result in our coverage area becoming part of a true network” said Steve Cubbage, owner and president of Crop Circle RTK. “We will now be able to serve our customers with greater service coverage, better overall accuracy and give them more options for receiving their RTK correction data.”

In addition to surveyors and precision agriculture, in the future, the GPS network will provide service for machine control in the field of civil engineering with the same unparalleled accuracy.

RTK Freedom Network is the new choice for seasoned professionals and future generations of surveyors, contractors and agricultural producers in the Midwest. More information about RTK Freedom Network can be found online at www.FreedomRTK.com

About Freedom Network, Inc.
Freedom Network, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Griner and Schmitz, a trusted name and leader in the surveying industry for nearly 100 yearrs.

About Crop Circle RTK LLC
Crop Circle RTK LLC is individually owned by Steve Cubbage. Crop Circle RTK operates GPS RTK correction services in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas for precision agricultural purposes.