Government of Azerbaijan Using LPS in Real Estate Project

Norcross, GA – The government of Azerbaijan has selected LPS to generate digital orthophotos for the country’s Real Estate Registration Project. The World Bank is providing financial support for the project.

Recently, the government of Azerbaijan recognized their need for a professional photogrammetry software package to manage their unified real estate cadastre and registration system. Integris, the official ERDAS distributor in Azerbaijan, suggested that LPS could meet the government’s photogrammetry needs, and is working closely with the agencies involved in this project. Beneficiary institutions will use LPS to create digital orthophotos. In addition to LPS, new photogrammetric workstations are also being used in support of the project.

LPS is an integrated suite of workflow-oriented photogrammetry software tools for production mapping, including the generation of digital terrain models, orthophoto production and 3D feature extraction. Automating precision measurement, maintaining accuracy and including flexible operations such as radiometric adjustment and image mosaicking, LPS increases productivity while ensuring high accuracy.

“Within the framework of the Real Estate Registration Project, LPS will be used for quality control and to manage the newly created orthophotos. These orthophotos cover almost 70% of Azerbaijan territory,” said Ahmad Hasanov, Procurement Management, Project Management Unit (PMU). “Easily handling rapid construction in urban territories, LPS will be the only tool for updating the orthophotos.”  

The PMU is responsible for managing the project, with specialists at the State Land and Cartography Committee (SLCC) and State Service for Registration of Real Estate (SSRRE) using LPS and the associated photogrammetric workstations to complete the work. This includes creating orthophotos of Azerbaijan and then collecting cadastre data associated with these areas. As the SLCC is engaged in updating maps throughout Azerbaijan, LPS will be used during their daily work. SSRRE will use LPS for creating maps of areas experiencing rapid development.

“LPS provides significant value to the government of Azerbaijan, maximizing the World Bank’s investment,” said Thomas Bayer, Vice President EMEA, ERDAS. “With powerful tools to meet all of the photogrammetry needs in this project, LPS guarantees a seamless, process-driven workflow for all the organizations involved.”

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