ERDAS APOLLO Powering Mobile Geospatial Data Provisioning System

Norcross, Georgia (USA) — ERDAS announces that ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH (ESG) has released a new version of their specialized defense solution for mobile geospatial data provisioning, based on ERDAS APOLLO. 

For over 40 years, ESG has been a defense system integrator throughout Europe. ESG is a business partner of ERDAS and GEOSYSTEMS (ERDAS’ official distributor in Germany).

Security force missions – such as flood emergency responses, large police operations or country border patrols – are controlled, managed and monitored by a control system. The mission control center provides data from different sources (maps, aerial photographs, satellite data, notifications, operation schedule) to the on-site forces.

The new mobile geospatial data provisioning system provides an efficient and centralized supply of information for missions and exercises. The ESG solution organizes and delivers geospatial data via a geoportal. By integrating ERDAS APOLLO into the defense solution, ESG is now able to offer OGC services and quickly deliver massive amounts of raster, vector and terrain data. The new solution will be used by customers in defense, security and emergency response situations.

ERDAS APOLLO is an out-of-the-box, standards-based Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) solution that efficiently manages and quickly serves massive amounts of geospatial data located and distributed across an organization. ERDAS APOLLO simplifies the utilization of vector, raster and terrain data, seamlessly integrating with existing GIS environments, leveraging  business systems and supporting almost any kind of data input (including ArcSDE, PostGIS & Oracle). With a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), ERDAS APOLLO is fully equipped with publishing and consuming capabilities.

“ERDAS APOLLO was chosen because it provides high performance allocation of raster data and supports OGC conforming web services,” says Fabian Frölich, Project Manager for Geoinformation and Remote Sensing at ESG.

The system is used to deliver centralized managed geoinformation in a network, thus allowing a Common Relevant Operational Picture (CROP). The amount of data varies from mission to mission. Recently, the system was used during the NATO CWID exercise, handling four TB of raster data (in ECW format).

“We value our partnership with ESG and are excited about this strategic project,” said Thomas Bayer, Vice President, EMEA, ERDAS. “The new partnership with ESG enables GEOSYSTEMS and ERDAS to offer an exciting extension of our APOLLO-based solutions specifically for the Defense and Security market.”

GEOSYSTEMS is providing software, licenses, training and professional services for ESG. ERDAS IMAGINE® is also being used for image processing and analysis within the new ESG system.

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