GTG and CartoPac Field Solutions Join Forces to Provide State-of-the-art Office to Field Solutions

New partnership allows clients a valuable approach to collecting and mapping their field data

Goldsboro, N.C. <May 6, 2009> – Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG) and CartoPac Field Solutions have joined forces, combining their expertise to provide state-of-the-art Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions. The two companies are integrating their individual tools into a common environment for local government organizations, oil and gas companies, and others interested in streamlining the flow of GIS data between the field and the office.
GTG’s ESRI ArcGIS Server-based Geo Blade software suite complements the CartoPac Field Solutions technology by providing easy access to data collected in the field.  For users of both GTG’s Geo Blade toolset and CartoPac Field Server, overall processes can be further streamlined by providing the power of both tools in one environment.  Users of CartoPac Field Server now have access to a simple, user-friendly mapping interface to view and analyze data collected in the field.  In addition, users of GTG’s Geo Blade can easily integrate field asset information gathered using the CartoPac Mobile application. 

Using Geo Blade’s interface to analyze data collected using CartoPac Mobile provides a clear return on investment, saving time and ensuring quick access to important asset information.  When a user uploads data from the field, it is immediately ready for use via Geo Blade’s mapping interface.  No additional data management or data manipulation is needed.  At the same time, CartoPac software makes it easy for Geo Blade customers to collect and manage asset data in the field, as well as access the enterprise GIS from the field using a web browser. Users can now have access to both companies’ industry-leading technologies in one streamlined interface.

Mutual clients such as Campbell County, Wyoming are already experiencing the advantages of this partnership, using GTG’s Geo Blade software to view and analyze data collected while using the CartoPac Field Server for web-based field data deployment, as well as CartoPac Mobile for easy data collection and maintenance in the field. Field workers have the ability to upload and download asset data from the field using a web browser, and field workers in Campbell County’s road and bridge, public works, parks and emergency management departments can use the customized solution to update field data about assets such as septic systems, road signs, culverts, water and sewer lines and more without making multiple trips between the field and the office.

“We are very excited about this partnership with CartoPac,” said Curt Hinton, chief executive officer of GTG.  “Our mutual clients are realizing the benefits of combining GIS solutions from each company and experiencing the best of both worlds.  GTG is looking forward to working with CartoPac to offer the best possible solutions on the market.”

”Both companies are committed to providing cutting edge, yet stable technology to help organizations manage their GIS and field assets,” said Glenn Vlass, president of CartoPac Field Solutions. “The value of an integrated solution is greater than the two technologies offered independently. Now, users can have a more streamlined, common sense approach to collecting, viewing and querying data.”

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About Geographic Technologies Group, Inc.:
GTG is a full-service local government GIS consulting company offering specialized experience in the planning, design, implementation, and procurement of geo-technologies.  GTG has unmatched technical GIS capabilities, demonstrated successes, international experience, and a reputation for successfully implementing the right solutions.  GTG develops GIS products that spatially enable various enterprise solutions and integrates an organization’s IT investment via a common interface.  GTG also offers stand alone products for land management, public safety, public access, touch screen technology, and utilities. GTG has more than 700 clients located throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Europe and serves all levels of government as well as the private sector.  To support our clients, GTG maintains five offices located across the United States: Headquarters in North Carolina, and Regional Offices in Texas, Illinois, and Florida. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. at 888-757-4222, or you can access our website at

About CartoPac Field Solutions:
Since 1999, CartoPac Field Solutions has focused on delivering software and hardware services for customizing and distributing complete mobile mapping and data collection solutions. The CartoPac Enterprise suite of mobile technologies manage many of the complexities found in traditional GIS/GPS applications behind the scenes to deliver faster, more productive solutions to a much broader range of field staff. CartoPac software is ideal for oil and gas, municipalities, railroads, electric or water/wastewater utilities, or anyone interested in collecting and managing large amounts of field data. CartoPac Field Solutions is a Trimble and ESRI Business Partner. Additional information may be obtained by contacting CartoPac Field Solutions at 970.493.9500, or you can access our website at