New Century Software Reaches Agreement to License NYSEARCH Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model

Pipeline Risk Analysis Software Aids Users in Defensible Decision-Making for Prioritizing Assessments on Hard-to-Reach Cased Pipe Segments

Fort Collins, CO- April 29, 2009) – New Century Software has been granted the exclusive license to sell and distribute the NYSEARCH Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model to the oil and gas pipeline industry. The model provides operators with the ability to prioritize pipeline integrity management actions and improve safety by better characterizing actual level of risk, to create cost savings through the prevention of unnecessary excavations and inspections, and help operators to comply with federal regulations.

New Century’s industry leading Spatial Risk Analyst application serves as the delivery mechanism for the NYSEARCH model. "By using the Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model to assess threats and manage risk, operators can minimize the need to perform costly internal inspections, pressure testing, and direct assessment on cased pipe segments. Spatial Risk Analyst is an outstanding fit with NYSEARCH’s goal of offering a commercial solution for cased pipe integrity assessment because the application features an open data architecture and supports very simple to very complex risk models for transmission and distribution integrity management program regulations," said Richard Arata, practice manager with New Century Software.

"Collaborative efforts like this empower pipeline and local distribution operators with stronger, consistent, and defensible safety solutions while taking advantage of technologies that allow them to manage risks and reduce costs," said Daphne D’Zurko, executive director for NYSEARCH. "Program funders as well as other distribution and transmission industry users will be able to enhance their decision making with this methodology."

Webinars will be hosted on May 12th and 14th for pipeline operators interested in learning more about using Spatial Risk Analyst to implement the NYSEARCH Cased Pipe Integrity Assurance Model. Registration is available at

About New Century Software
New Century Software provides pipeline GIS software, enterprise GIS implementation, integrity management, data loading and management, asset mapping and reporting, and custom application development solutions for the oil and gas industry. Since 1994 the company has provided these services for many multi-national integrated energy companies and major pipeline operators. The company specializes in helping operators meet pipeline integrity management and data integration requirements.

NYSEARCH manages voluntary RD&D for many Local Distribution Companies (LDC) in North America. It is considered one of the premier research organizations in the gas industry and has developed products that provide benefits to its members and the industry. Administered as a sub-organization within the Northeast Gas Association, it has a large portfolio of gas operations projects that allow funders to gain high leverage on the research dollar, minimize risk, and maximize benefits for customer safety, cost effective operation and efficiency.