EngineerSupply Expands Leica Surveying Equipment Product Line

April 8, 2009 – EngineerSupply is proud to announce the expansion of their Leica Geosystems Product Line catalog. Some of these products include the Leica Roteo construction laser, the Leica Lino laser line generator and the Leica Digisystem for pipe and cable locating. EngineerSupply has been a long time supplier of Leica products and decided to expand their Leica product offering. Leica Geosystems provides high-quality spatial, construction, and land surveying instruments. EngineerSupply is confident in Leica as a manufacturer and is proud to partner with them in offering high-quality reliable products.

The Leica Digisystem is a comprehensive collection of gear providing everything needed to quickly easily and accurately locate utility pipe and cables underground. The Leica Digisystem locating instruments include the Digicat, Digimouse, Digitex and the Digitrace as well as many other accessories. These products work together to solve many common underground utility locating needs. The system is also used by many surveying, construction, and utility professionals to locate objects under ground. It can locate anything from surveyors nails, electrical cable, water lines, sewer pipes, manhole covers, any ferrous objects and more.

The Leica Lino Laser Level is a cross laser line generator the prefect tool for numerous tasks including cabinet installation, tiling, construction, chair rail installation, plumbing, hanging pictures, and much more! It will show a plumb vertical beam, and level horizontal beam and a 90 degree angle. It comes standard with many accessories to make it adaptable to numerous working needs and conditions. The Lino includes a mini-magnetic tripod for setting up on a surface or for magnetically attaching to a metal object like a beam.

The Leica Roteo Laser Level is an interior construction rotary laser. It comes in a kit making the perfect tool for interior levels needs. Interior rotary laser are ideal for installing drop ceilings, chair rails, electrical outlets, and much more. All of these products make a unique addition to the EngineerSupply channel of Leica products. It can also be set up to a 90 degree angle making it a great tool for setting roof pitch, stairs and anything that needs to be set at a precise angle.

EngineerSupply is a fully authorized factory Leica Geosystems Dealer. EngineerSupply is now able ship brand new factory fresh Leica products to their customers.

EngineerSupply is constantly expanding its product line and assists many professionals in areas such as engineering, construction, design, surveying, estimating, law enforcement and more. The trained customer service team is available to help with any customer questions and concerns. Its conception was based on its teams’ years of experience working in the engineering and surveying industry both using the products and seeing a need to a single resource for engineers, surveyors, and construction professionals.

EngineerSupply represents the most reputable brands in the industry for engineering supplies, land surveying equipment, blueprint storage, measuring wheels, measuring tapes, and construction equipment. EngineerSupply is a privately held company and was started in 1999.

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