ABC Welcomes Administration Plan to Help Small Businesses

But Says Employee Free Choice Act Would Have Opposite Effect

Washington, D.C. – Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) 2009 National Chairman Jerry Gorski, president of Gorski Engineering, Inc., Collegeville, Pa., today issued the following statement in reaction to President Obama’s March 16 proposal to get credit flowing to small businesses.

“ABC wholeheartedly supports President Obama’s bold move to help small business owners across the country who are struggling during these difficult economic times. It clearly shows that he is willing to stand up for fairness, free enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit of the hundreds of thousands of men and women in America’s small business community,” said Gorski.

“In light of this announcement, it is puzzling why the President would continue to support the so-called Employee Free Choice Act, or card check legislation, that would harm many of these same small businesses and kill more jobs in this era of record high unemployment,” added Gorski.

“A new poll by Rasmussen Reports found that nationally only 9 percent of nonunion workers would like to join a union and 81 percent would not. In addition, a new study shows that if the Employee Free Choice Act were signed into law, 600,000 Americans would be out of work in the first year alone,” said Gorski. “The President could serve the country much better by working to create more jobs and helping small businesses survive and prosper.”

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