Active Imaging Systems (AIS) Announces Price Drop on 3D Street Imaging Products

Amherst, NY November 4, 2008 – Difficult economic times call for decisive action. Service providers in the surveying, mapping and 3D imaging businesses are just as affected by the downturn in the economy as any sector. It is time for suppliers to rally and make tough decisions such as lowering prices. In response to market pressures and to better serve its customers, Active Imaging Systems responds by cutting pricing on its line of 3D Imaging Equipment. Remarkable reductions on price are now available to AIS’ customers in the US and abroad.

This substantial price cut makes the AIS products the most cost-effective in the industry. AIS offers value through their tried-and-true hardware and continuously evolving information extraction software tools. Systems are available immediately for companies looking to take advantage of discounts and incentives.

Phil Arsenault, AIS Chief Technology Officer said; “The current state of the world economy has many individuals and businesses worried about the right path forward with respect to expenditure and savings. There is little doubt that we are in the midst of an economic recession. In response to this crisis, governments will not remain idle. Stimulation of the economy through investment in infrastructure and public works projects will be part of many recovery plans.”

He added, ”Businesses that invest early in the tools needed to win the inevitable opportunities from government position themselves to thrive through this uncertain period. They will be the best positioned to serve the same clients in the boom period to follow. In the US we have been aware of the crumbling infrastructure for many years and the national and state governments have been addressing the matter. To continue to do so in these leaner economic times will require a change to the approaches that have been taken. Emergent survey instruments and methods allow for the rapid and efficient large scale mapping and imaging of infrastructure, brown-field and green-field sites. Fused-sensor 3D street-level imaging and mapping is one of the new technologies being applied to data collection of the built environment.”

AIS invites service companies and data users to visit their website ( for further details and to contact them directly at 866-935-4624 /