ERDAS APOLLO 2009 Selected by China’s National Environmental Protection Ministry

Norcross (Georgia, USA) – China’s National Environmental Protection Ministry is implementing ERDAS APOLLO 2009, a unified enterprise platform for managing and serving large volumes of geospatial data located and distributed across an organization.

ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager is being implemented to store and share the Ministry’s gridded data throughout the enterprise. Setting-up Open Geospatial Consortium and International Organization for Standardization (OGC/ISO) compliant web services, ERDAS APOLLO Server will catalog and deliver all the geospatial data of the Ministry’s enterprise over the web. Beijing Digital LandView Technology Company (Beijing LandView), ERDAS’ authorized distributor in China is providing ERDAS APOLLO, as well as ERDAS IMAGINE®, IMAGINE VirtualGIS®, IMAGINE Vector™, IMAGINE Easytrace™, IMAGINE Autosync™ and IMAGINE Deltacue™ and other IMAGINE add on modules to the National Environmental Protection Ministry. 

"ERDAS APOLLO brings a new application model to traditional image users, resolving the matter of how to manage, search and share massive image data,” said Jane Wu, General Manager Beijing Landview. ”This new technology provides convenience in data usage and service.”

Utilizing ERDAS APOLLO 2009, the National Environmental Protection Ministry will build an environmental and disaster monitoring system. This system will be responsible for satellite remote sensing data reception, management, processing and basic product generation. Approximately 20GB of data will be received from satellites each day. The system will handle more than 80TB of infrared, CCD, high spectrum and SAR data covering all of China.

Allowing cataloguing and serving geospatial data, ERDAS APOLLO Server implements the basic functionalities of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI). ERDAS Image Manager implements comprehensive Web Mapping Service (WMS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), Catalogue Service (CS-W), Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Map Context (WMC) and ISO 19115/19139 standards. With a geographic security scale based model, ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager provides tools to specify globally masked security areas, authorized and unauthorized polygon access areas and map scale access, per user, per role. ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager supports any desktop or web-based OGC compliant client.

Beijing LandView worked closely with ERDAS to illustrate ERDAS APOLLO’s high performance to the National Environmental Protection Ministry. This included showcasing ERDAS APOLLO’s geographic information data crawlers, including automatic discovery of geographic information and harvesting of metadata, as well as the solutions’ versatility in handling a wide range of data formats and a central, hierarchical index of data and service metadata with security.

“ERDAS APOLLO allows the National Environmental Protection Ministry to efficiently store and quickly share massive amounts of gridded data throughout the enterprise, using various domain specific applications,” said Kaushik Chakraborty, Vice President, Asia Pacific, ERDAS. “This unique solution enables the Ministry to centralize geospatial information metadata, with search, retrieve and disseminate capabilities.”

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