Trimble Introduces Enhanced Solutions for Survey, Engineering and Spatial Imaging Applications

Complete Solutions Offer Surveyors Even Greater Flexibility and Productivity for Their Investments

Bremen, Germany, Sept 30, 2008 – Trimble today introduced further enhancements to its complete surveying portfolio as part of its Connected Site(TM) solutions:
• New models of the Trimble(R) S8 Total Station with options for monitoring and tunneling applications
• New version of Trimble Business Center
• A scalable Trimble VX(TM) Spatial Station
• Improved field to office solutions for German surveyors

These positioning solutions add even greater flexibility and versatility to a user’s comprehensive surveying needs, providing seamless and streamlined workflow for all critical phases of surveying.

The announcement was made today at INTERGEO 2008, the world’s largest conference on geodesy, geoinformatics and land management.

"Financial investments need to be optimized and able to show rapid return to remain competitive in the marketplace. One of our key objectives is to deliver complete, leading-edge solutions that enable our clients to achieve this goal. Each survey product is an important component of Trimble’s Connected Site offering, which empowers surveyors with ultimate flexibility and connectivity while on the job," said Jurgen Kliem, general manager for Trimble’s Survey Division. "The Connected Site provides the surveyor with flexibility to choose the right solution for any survey task, as well as leverage their investment to pursue new business opportunities."

Solutions for Monitoring and Tunneling Applications: New Trimble S8 Total Station Models
"Providing integrated scalable solutions that improve a surveyor’s productivity is core to our design philosophy," said Lisa Wetherbee, marketing director for Trimble’s surveying solutions. "With the Trimble S8 Total Station, surveyors can use the same equipment for their typical daily surveying activities, as well as highly specialized engineering projects, thereby increasing their equipment utilization."

The new Trimble S8 Total Station models and Trimble 4D Control software create a powerful solution for real-time monitoring of permanent structures such as dams, short-term construction activities and side slopes in mines. As Trimble’s most advanced robotic instrument to date, the Trimble S8 Total Station coupled with Trimble 4D Control software provide surveyors with capabilities to pursue new business opportunities in both real-time monitoring and tunneling applications.

Designed to deliver unsurpassed performance in both surveying and specialized engineering applications, the Trimble S8 offers 1" angular accuracy and EDM precision down to 1 mm + 1 ppm. Our new long-range Trimble FineLock(TM) model extends 1 cm precision to 2,500 meters for use on large-scale projects such as open-pit mines. FineLock is a smart tracker sensor with a narrow field of view that enables the Trimble S8 to detect a target without interference from surrounding prisms. The new Trimble S8 model for tunneling applications combines the FineLock technology with a long range laser pointer for precision stake-out for bolts and other assets.

Trimble 4D Control is an advanced software package designed for deformation monitoring applications from simple campaign style monitoring such as periodic bridge inspection to large scale, real-time deformation monitoring. It is a complete solution for processing and analyzing monitoring data, as well as managing and scheduling a network of optical sensors in real time. The software can control up to five total stations with a single computer and it is scalable to manage large deployments covering hundreds of monitoring points from a centralized control center. In addition, automatic alerts can notify operators instantly when movement exceeds specified tolerances.

Advances in Integrated Surveying: Trimble Business Center 2.0
For many surveyors, Trimble Business Center is already an indispensable Quality Assurance tool for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data. With new support for optical surveying data in Version 2.0, Trimble Business Center now provides a powerful resource for all of a surveyor’s Integrated Surveying projects. Trimble Business Center Version 2.0 can verify and integrate GNSS and optical data into single file as well as output data to a range of applications such as GIS, photogrammetry and CAD.

Trimble Business Center is exceptionally easy to use, intuitive and flexible. Visualization tools such as Plan views, 3D views, time-based data views and session editors help you "see" the data in the context of the whole project. And powerful spatial data management capabilities bring a new level of productivity and efficiency to the surveying and civil engineering office.

Scalable Solutions for Spatial Imaging: New Trimble VX Model
The Trimble VX Spatial Station is an advanced positioning system that combines optical, 3D scanning and video capabilities — Trimble VISION(TM) technology — to measure objects in 3D and to produce 2D and 3D data sets for spatial imaging projects. The Trimble VX Spatial Station has revolutionized the scope of services that surveyors, engineers, mapping and geospatial professionals can provide to enhance business opportunities for spatial imaging applications.

The new model of the Trimble VX offers an entry into Spatial Imaging with integrated video and surveying functionality only. Surveying businesses looking for ways to get the most out of their time in the field and office will appreciate the productivity gains from video aiming and in-field QC imaging. This new model also provides surveyors with 2D capabilities to produce sophisticated, image-based deliverables. The new model of the Trimble VX Spatial Station is scalable to full 3D spatial imaging functionality by upgrading to the scanning capabilities.

Trimble Companies Create Complete Field to Office Solutions for German Surveyors
Building upon the Connected Site concept, Trimble solutions for the German surveying market are stronger than ever due to the integration of the powerful solutions from Ingenieurburo Breining GmbH and HHK Datentechnik GmbH with existing Trimble solutions.

"Worrying about data flow problems between the field and the office is a thing of the past," is the common view of Dr. Frank Heimberg, Daniel Breining and Bernd Hartwig. Today’s solutions for the German surveyors provide complete data and workflow integration starting with intelligent data collection in the field and productive use of appropriate sensor technologies for the job conditions, through creation of the final product and customer deliverables. The surveyor can focus on the job and count on the integrated workflow to assist in efficiently delivering the needed results while the software manages the different data structures, models, and formats.

Trimble, Ingenieurburo Breining and HHK Datentechnik are committed to providing integrated solutions for the German market, leveraging on their combined strengths. These solutions will be demonstrated at INTERGEO.

Complete Solutions for Optimal Return
Surveying firms require flexible and integrated solutions to ensure business growth. This is why Trimble’s Connected Site is becoming the industry standard in integrated surveying technology and techniques. By leveraging Connected Site solutions such as the versatile Trimble S8 Total Station, businesses are able to adapt to new opportunities faster with improved efficiency and optimal return on their investments. Likewise, the same principals of connectivity and total workflow integration, such as the capabilities of Trimble Business Center software enables, provide surveyors with the day-to-day flexibility to adapt t
o any situation in the field, to maximize productivity and to bring projects in under budget.

The new Trimble VX model and Trimble Business Center version 2.0 will be available in October 2008. The new Trimble S8 Total Station models are expected to begin shipping in November 2008. Trimble 4D Control software with real-time monitoring is available today from Trimble’s survey distribution network.

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