Lance Andre Joins eGPS Solutions as the Florida Support and Sales Technician

Norcross, GA – July 3rd – eGPS Solutions is pleased to announced the addition of Lance H. Andre as the Florida Support and Sales Technician for their statewide RTK Network.

“Lance brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience to eGPS Solutions including setting up and supporting numerous large RTK Networks throughout North America including the eGPS Solutions advanced Florida network,” said Lonnie Sears, PLS, eGPS’s President. “Lance is going to be a terrific resource for the Florida area surveying and mapping professionals and we’re excited and honored to have him onboard.”

Before joining eGPS Solutions in June of 2008, Mr. Andre was the Product Manager for both the SMI family of products and the GNSS products resold by Eagle Point Software which also includes the advanced Geo++ RTK Networking software currently being utilized by eGPS Solutions to cover the entire State of Florida. The eGPS Florida network as configured allows eGPS to supply very accurate real-time DGPS and RTK corrections to end-users by means of cellular and UHF transmissions in addition to RINEX and Virtual RINEX files from nearly 200 area stations utilizing eGPS’s intuitive map-driven download site.

“The eGPS Florida RTK Network is by far the most advanced RTK network in the United States,” added Mr. Andre, “with the only absolute calibrated chokering antennas in the Southeast USA, its support for GLONASS/L2C/L5 and its advanced Troposphere Modeling. Most important is the extensive work done by the staff at eGPS to calibrate all stations homogeneously to the new NAD83(2007) / NSRS2007 adjustment to less than 3 mm RMS horizontally and vertically. There is no better and more reliable solution for area surveyors and mappers.”

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About eGPS
A leader in technology and service excellence, eGPS Solutions, Inc. owns and operates a permanent, GPS base station network covering all of Georgia and Florida and extending approxi¬mately five miles off the coastline of both states. It is the largest privately owned Real Time Network (RTN) in the United States. Originally conceived as the brainchild of ardent industry professionals with a penchant for advancing the surveying and mapping industries, it was built as a professional service independent of specific manufacturers’ equipment. This has given eGPS Solutions the unique opportunity to benefit a broader spectrum of professionals. The network is highly efficient, remarkably convenient to use and functions in both real time with Trimble Navigation, Virtual Reference Station (VRS) technology in Georgia and Geo++ GNSMART (VRS, PRS, MAC, FKP) real-time technology in Florida. The RTN technologies utilized by the eGPS Solutions network of permanent base stations replace conventional Real-Time Kinematic GPS base station methods by eliminating the need for individual, temporary base stations.