RETTEW Elects Pollart to Board Of Directors

Lancaster, Pa. – The shareholders of RETTEW Associates, Inc., recently elected Yves E. Pollart, PE, BCEE, to the firm’s board of directors.      

“Yves’s credentials as a leader and seasoned engineering professional speak to RETTEW’s ability to serve our clients,” said George W. Rettew, Jr., board chairman and CEO, RETTEW. “It is a pleasure to now have Yves serve alongside us on the board, where he will have even greater opportunity to shape the firm’s growth and future.” 

As a member of RETTEW’s board of directors, Pollart has fiduciary responsibility to the firm and its shareholders, playing a significant role in RETTEW’s decision-making regarding financial management, the firm’s strategic direction, major policies and the appointment of corporate officers. Pollart’s seat on the board runs through July 2011 and was previously filled by vice president (VP) Ronald K. Beam, PLS, who, along with RETTEW’s VP of finance, Michael G. McKinne, CPA, continues to sit on the board in an advisory role. Beam and McKinne are both long-time board members.

RETTEW welcomed Pollart as director of environmental engineering in 1999 and in 2003 named him shareholder as a result of his dedication to client satisfaction and efforts to grow the firm’s client base and related services. Pollart manages the department’s studies, designs, and reviews of water treatment and storage facilities; air quality; acid mine drainage studies and remediation; and wastewater collection, conveyance, and treatment systems.

A registered professional engineer in 10 states with 28 years of professional experience, Pollart is also a board-certified environmental engineer (BCEE) through the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and holds both a wastewater and water operators license. He designs municipal wastewater treatment plants, sanitary sewer systems, pressure sewer systems, package wastewater treatment plants, stormwater sewer systems, industrial pretreatment plants, sewage pumping stations, water main extensions, and water main replacement projects. Pollart has served in a management or key design capacity for municipalities and municipal authorities throughout the commonwealth and has instructed wastewater classes for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 

Pollart holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Virginia Military Institute and a master’s in environmental pollution control from Penn State University. A resident of Dauphin County, Pa., Pollart is president-elect of the Rotary Club of Susquehanna Township, a member of the Susquehanna Township Authority, past president of the Pennsylvania Water Environment Association and sits on the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association.