RTK-Net Continues to Grow!

Colonial Heights, VA Installation Marks 37th Active Station

Loyola Spatial Systems is pleased to announce the most recent expansion of RTK-Net. The new station, designated “LS02” is located in Colonial Heights, Virginia and is now active. LS02 is a full GNSS (GPS & GLONASS) reference station. The addition of this station further increases the coverage area in the southwest region of Virginia.

The continued expansion of RTK-Net signifies the success our clients are experiencing on a daily basis. RTK-Net is being used by a growing number of diverse organizations, including:
• Civil Engineering & Surveying Companies
• Environmental Engineering Companies
• Utility/Infrastructure Locating Companies
• Utility Companies
• GIS Companies
• Construction Companies
• Local, State and Federal Government Agencies

Our continued expansion of RTK-Net demonstrates our commitment to our clients in providing not only a large geographic footprint, but also the most advanced technology and professionally owned and managed GPS reference station network available. RTK-Net expansion will continue throughout Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia.

To view the latest coverage maps, please visit
our RTK-Net portal: http://leica.loyola.com/rtk-net/

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