Common+Ops & GeoInnovative Solutions ‘Spatialize’ Enterprise Data

Salt Lake City, UT – June 2, 2008 – Common+Ops LLC has announced a a strategic partnership with GeoInnovative Solutions of Torrington, CT. Decision makers will now greatly benefit from spatially-empowered enterprise databases.

Common+Ops has teamed-up with GeoInnovative Solutions to spatialize today’s enterprise data. Nearly every aspect of an organization is driven by databases – from logging project hours, to tracking assets and managing finances. GeoInnovative Solutions specializes in infusing enterprise data with spatial components in order to address questions that have long been difficult to answer with traditional database tools. The strategic partnership between GeoInnovative Solutions and Common+Ops enables clients to benefit from spatialized databases in the application areas of:
• Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• Space and Facilities Management
• Utilities
• Transportation Planning
• Land Use and Urban Planning

“We are excited to work with such a revolutionary enterprise database solution,” said Anthony Bennett, Principal of Common+Ops. “With GeoInnovative Solutions as a partner, we are now able to deliver best-of-breed, geospatial solutions to our clients,” remarked Bennett. Adam Sobek, proprietor of GeoInnovative Solutions observed, “As a spatial data solution provider, we are excited to partner with Common+Ops, which provides cutting edge 3D solutions. Considering the quality of the Common+Ops offerings, I am very optimistic about this partnership.”

About Common+Ops
Common+Ops is a minority-owned, small business provider of best-of-breed 3D solutions for the enterprise. Common+Ops develops custom solutions for the energy industry, land development organizations, federal government, municipalities, academic institutions and training & simulation operations. The company also offers a host of creative solutions including 3D modeling, animation, custom presentation material, motion graphics and video production. For more information, please visit

About GeoInnovative Solutions
GeoInnovative is a small business based in Torrington, CT. GeoInnovative provides services to spatially enable databases and equipping decision makers with tools to ask questions they have always wanted to ask. GeoInnovative Solutions leverages the best in spatial information systems to maintain, track and analyze enterprise data.

Visit to read a case study about how GeoInnovative was able to spatially empower the University of Utah’s infrastructure, transportation, facilities, grounds and space planning databases through a revolutionary approach to database management.