New Podcast from ASRC Management Services Discusses Company’s Expanding Role in Geospatial Industry

Greenbelt, MD, USA, 23 April 2008 – ASRC Management Services (ASRC MS), which was recently awarded an exclusive contract for U.S. distribution of India’s Resourcesat-1 and Cartosat-1 image data, has released a Podcast discussing the company’s expanding role in the international geospatial industry. The six-minute Podcast features an interview with Tim Lewis, President of ASRC MS.

The Podcast may be accessed at and listened to on any MP3 audio device including Windows Media Player.

In January 2008, ASRC MS announced that it had been awarded exclusive rights in the U.S. for satellite imagery collected by the Resourcesat-1 and Cartosat-1 satellites. These rights were granted to ASRC MS by ANTRIX Corp. Ltd, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Under the agreement, ASRC MS has also become the sole ground station partner for ANTRIX in the U.S. to receive data collected over the U.S. in near real-time.

The new agreement marks the expansion of a successful 3-year cooperative relationship which started in 2004 when ASRC MS began supporting the use and integration of imagery from Resourcesat-1 within the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of Global Analysis, Foreign Agricultural Services, International Production Assessment Division.

Tim Lewis stated, “ASRC MS is looking forward to the growth of this program as our entire corporation focuses on merging our geospatial technology capabilities in order to benefit our vast array of clients.”

About ASRC Management Services:
ASRC Management Services (ASRC MS), a highly diversified enterprise formed in September 2002, is dedicated to providing professional services including; Information Science, Information Systems and Information Technology Services to the Federal Government. ASRC MS has extensive experience supporting science based agencies including USGS, EPA, NASA, NOAA, Fish and Wildlife, and the USDA with a full array of remote sensing and GIS services.  Core corporate capabilities include application development, engineering, technical services, geographical information systems, satellite imagery analysis, information and records management, information technology, and professional services. Ed Kunz is the Program Manager for the Geospatial line of business at ASRC MS and can be reached at 301-837-5354 or via email at

ANTRIX Corporation Limited, the commercial arm of Department of Space (DOS) was incorporated in September 1992 for the promotion and commercial exploitation of products and services from the Indian Space Program. ANTRIX draws upon its strength and the heritage from the experience and proven scientific achievements of the Indian Space Program over the past four decades. With this heritage, ANTRIX offers its national and international customers high quality earth observation data and value added services, satellite systems and sub systems, launch services through India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle and the Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle, lease of satellite telecommunications transponder capacity, ground systems and consultancy. Relying upon its strong capability to cater to end-to-end programs, ANTRIX has built an impressive array of prestigious customers in the field of Space.  ANTRIX Corporation Ltd.,Tel: +91-80 3072189,