C-Nav Now Provides Two Independent GNSS (DGPS) Services

Lafayette, Louisiana — April 9, 2008 — C-Nav® is now providing a second high-accuracy DGPS (dGNSS) service. C-Nav® Net-1 was the first worldwide Precise Point Positioning (P3) service and has set the benchmark in dGNSS service since Y2K. Now C-Nav® Net-2 provides the same level of service with extreme redundancy built into its network. An independent position calculated from C-Nav® Net-2 is just as accurate and stable as everyone has come to expect for C-Nav® Net-1. When Net-1 & Net-2 are used together, all single points of failure are eliminated which doubles the users confidence without doubling the cost.

A wide range of software and QC tools including C-NaviGator®, C-Monitor, and C-Setup make C-Nav® easy to operate. Customer support is provided through C-Nav® offices in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Angola, South Africa, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. The support network continues to expand with dealers and distributors operating worldwide.

For further information regarding C-Nav® quality positioning products and solutions please visit www.CnavGPS.com, call C-Nav® Sales at +1 (337) 210-0000, or send email to info@CnavGPS.com