Merrick & Company Wins LiDAR and Digital Imagery Project for Wichita, Kansas, USA

Aurora, CO USA – Merrick & Company, a world leader in LiDAR, digital ortho imaging, photogrammetry, and geospatial solutions was awarded a LiDAR and digital imagery project by the City of Wichita to collect geospatial data for the City and in the remaining areas of Sedgwick County.  Merrick will deliver six-inch pixel resolution color digital orthophotography that was simultaneously collected with LiDAR, a digital terrain model (DTM), one-foot contour coverage for the City, two-foot contours for the rural areas, and a drainage network and watershed boundaries for areas one-acre in size or larger for the entire County.   Data acquisition aerial flights began this month and final City deliverables are scheduled for August 2008 with the remaining County data expected for delivery January 2009.  

Scott Lindebak, Civil Engineer for the Wichita Public Works Department explains, “The newly acquired geospatial data will allow us to provide more accurate flood determinations and support several in-house design drainage projects.”

The City of Wichita and surrounding Sedgwick County is home to flat topography with two major rivers, the Arkansas and the Little Arkansas.  The LiDAR and derivative geospatial data will be used to determine if the 1950’s levee flood control project is still adequate for current development conditions.  The local governments need this data for the entire flood control area so the flood studies for other area tributaries can also be updated.  Lindebak continues, “Using the new data, we will be able to delineate more accurate watershed studies, identify future drainage improvements, and schedule for the creation of new FEMA flood maps.”

The City is administering this project contract with participation from a number of agencies including the County, the USGS, and several smaller communities.  Gary Outlaw, GISP, Merrick’s Vice President – Business Development, GeoSpatial Solutions concludes, “This project is an excellent testimonial of government working together in a collaborative effort to improve the geospatial data for all involved.  Each entity realizes more accurate data and cost savings by working together in ways that would likely not be possible for each alone.”

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