Mississippi State University Implementing Leica TITAN GeoHub

Norcross, Georgia, USA — Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging announces that Mississippi State University (MSU) will be implementing a Leica TITAN GeoHub.  Recently announced as a new product, a Leica TITAN GeoHub supports secure, permission-based data distribution, enabling an organization to participate as a community on the Leica TITAN Network.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the Geo Resources Institute (GRI) at MSU has been instrumental in researching geospatial response efforts, with ongoing support by the Southeast Regional Research Initiative (SERRI). SERRI assists local, state, tribal and regional leaders within the Southeast Region in developing the tools and methods required to anticipate and deter terrorist events and enhance disaster response. Establishing the motto of “Community Resiliency,” the GRI believes that the effectiveness in the response and recovery from disasters is closely related to geospatial data readiness. Currently, the GRI is participating in a number of projects to analyze geospatial response efforts and develop strategies for better emergency response in the future. As geospatial data sharing is a critical component of data readiness in disaster relief situations, MSU is preparing for the future by implementing a Leica TITAN GeoHub.

Recently released, Leica TITAN 2008 is dynamic online solution that allows users and communities to share geospatial data, web services and location-based content internal and external an organization, and to a variety of client applications. Using the free web-enabled Leica TITAN Client, users interact, download and share data. The Leica TITAN GeoHub supports the sharing of information within the organization, including the ability to publish and consume OGC compliant Web Map Services (WMS).

“We are thrilled to be one of the first organizations implementing a Leica TITAN GeoHub,” said Dr. William Cooke, Geosciences Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University.  “The Leica TITAN GeoHub supports our ongoing emergency response projects, equipping us to share and publish our data internally, with the option of exposing geospatial data holdings to other users and communities within the Leica TITAN Network, as well.”

Both internal and external participants are ‘subscribers’ to a Leica TITAN GeoHub. The Leica TITAN GeoHub is managed by an administrator who authenticates users, creates groups, establishes policies and generates reports.

“By implementing a Leica TITAN GeoHub, MSU establishes their own secure community within the Leica TITAN Network, complete with a social networking tool,” said Mladen Stojic, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging.  “With permission-based access, the Leica TITAN GeoHub provides MSU greater control of their data shared, published both internally and externally.”

For more information about the GRI at MSU, please visit http://www.gri.msstate.edu/. For more information about Leica TITAN 2008 and the Leica TITAN Network, or to download the free Leica TITAN Client, please visit: http://www.lggi.com/titan.

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