LiDAR Services International Announces the Completion of Two International LiDAR Projects

Calgary, Alberta Canada – LiDAR Services International (LSI) announces the completion of two international LiDAR projects one in Costa Rica and the other in the Dominican Republic.

The project in Costa Rica was a large (+750 km) transmission line full thermal rating project for I.C.E. the government electrical utility company.  LSI mobilized the HELIX-1 LiDAR system to San José Costa Rica for installation on a helicopter operated by Air Costa Rica.  Data collection components included LiDAR data, high resolution downward digital imagery, forward video, and real time meteorological data.  Thermal rating analysis and PLS-CADD modeling will be completed by LSI’s teaming partner WIRE Services which is a subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro. 

The second project was located in the Dominican Republic and was for SNC Lavalin and Barrick Gold Corporation.  For this project LSI mobilized a fixed wing aircraft containing LSI’s HELIX-2 LiDAR system from Canada to the Dominican Republic.  This was the second project LSI has successfully completed in the Dominican Republic. 

“LSI continues to be very successful in marketing our LiDAR capabilities to international clients that are looking for high accuracy LiDAR deliverables collected on time and within budget”, said Tony Tubman President of LSI.  “As we normally are at 100% capacity during the summer months working on LiDAR projects in North America, the arrival of winter in Canada gives us the opportunity to move our LiDAR systems to warmer climates to meet the requirements of our growing international client base.” 

About LiDAR Services International
Based in Calgary Alberta, LSI is a highly experienced LiDAR service company offering LiDAR mapping and digital imagery data collection services for a wide variety of industries.  LSI owns and operates three HELIX proprietary LiDAR systems two of which are using the latest in digital waveform scanning laser technology.  LSI has successfully completed other international projects in Asia, Africa and South America.