Measurement Devices Ltd Awards U.S. Master Distributorship to Western Data Systems

Houston, TX – February 6 – Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL), with headquarters in the United Kingdom and offices in Houston, announced that they have awarded the Handheld Laser Products U.S. Master Distributorship to Western Data Systems of Houston, Texas.  

Western Data Systems will establish a nationwide dealer network to rapidly expand the market reach of the MDL hand held products across the United States.  These eye-safe handheld laser systems are currently utilized for surveying, measurement, and positioning in such fields as Mining, Forestry, Survey, and Construction.  Western Data Systems sales infrastructure in the U.S, will give the MDL products an accelerated market expansion in a rapidly growing market.

Michael Hefer, Owner of Western Data Systems, spoke about being awarded the Master Distributorship; “We are very excited to be heading up the sales efforts for these items in the U.S.  The devices are a superior product, lighter weight, and easier to operate tool, at a price point that allows companies to quickly adapt and upgrade their technology.” He continued, “We expect to make a nationwide impact on the market in a very short time.”  Steve Ball, Founder of MDL, also commented on the new partnership; “With Western Data’s sales and support capabilities, and through the national chain of dealers they will establish, we have tremendously increased our sales presence in the U.S., an important area of growth for us.”

The Handheld Laser Systems line includes eight existing products, and mid 2008 MDL will be introducing a new hand held LaserAce® with an internal digital compass. Hefer explains; “Having this option is very important to the Survey/GIS market as they can now interface it with GPS to be able to obtain offset X, Y, Z coordinates. This is what originally got my attention when looking at the MDL product line.”

The other products are the LaserAce® 300, ForestAce®, LaserAce® Hypsometer, LaserAce® Survey, LaserAce® GIS Pole, LaserAce® Burden Finder, BurdenAce®, and the LaserAce® Encoder.  These products are typically used in conjunction with other products on site, and enhance the capabilities of that equipment.  Mike Hefer noted; “These handheld products are excellent peripherals which will partner well with the equipment lines we currently represent.”  Western also plans to have a Lease/Rental program set up for these devices as well.

About Western Data Systems:
Western Data Systems is Survey Equipment Rental and Sales Headquarters.  We represent, sell, service, and train users on the most comprehensive list of equipment and tools available to the market today, from such manufacturers as; Trimble, Nikon, and Spectra. We keep you working with the right equipment every time. For more information please visit:

About Measurement Devices Ltd:
Privately-owned Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL) was founded in 1983, and is a world leader in the development of laser measurement technologies. The company has four strategic business units for laser modules, handheld laser systems, laser systems and dynamic systems. The company, which is ISO 9001/2000 certified, has more than 60 resellers worldwide and generates 80 percent of its sales outside the UK. For more information please visit: