Maptek I-Site™ Hardware Now Diagnosed and Serviced Locally

Turnaround time for standard annual service and calibration of I-Site scanners has been reduced from 6 weeks to just 2-3 weeks!

The Maptek North American Service Center, located in Denver, Colorado, will offer improved service and shortened service times to North American clients.

Thomas Chauncey, Maptek I-Site Service Engineer, will oversee the Service Center, providing technical support, maintenance, repair and testing services.

Thomas has considerable experience and has also completed two full months of factory-certified training at Maptek’s I-Site manufacturing facility. His experience and training, combined with Maptek’s unsurpassed network of technical expertise worldwide, provides you with world-class support and service.

Local support for I-Site scanners
• Annual maintenance
• Cleaning and servicing
• Diagnostics and repairs
• Hardware support