Javad GNSS Announces Appointment for New Machine Control and GIS Division

Moscow – Javad GNSS has appointed Zdenko (Kuzo) Kurtovic, former CEO of GeoAstor & Swissat, as VP of Machine Control & GIS, a new Division of Javad GNSS.

Kurtovic has 20 years of experience in the surveying industry, and for the past 17 years has been the CEO of Swiss-based GeoAstor and Swissat. Javad GNSS is in the process of introducing a new generation of GNSS technology for all applications, including complete sets of hardware and software for all precision applications such as surveying, geodesy, construction, machine control, mining, precision navigation, aviation and timing.

Kurtovic’s role will be to bring benefits to the company through his experience as a systems integrator and his knowledge of real-time GIS mapping. He will also provide direction in product development, product management and marketing strategies. Kurtovic holds a geodetic engineering degree from the University of Zagreb.

He can be contacted at or +41 78 644 14 90. For more information, please visit