Aeromap Technology Systems Joins LizardTech Reseller Network

Seattle, Wash. — October 25, 2007 — LizardTech, a division of Celartem, Inc., and a leading provider of software solutions for managing and distributing digital content, announced today that Aeromap Technology Systems, a private company based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has signed an agreement to represent LizardTech software and to promote the leading geospatial image compression formats: the industry standard MrSID® and the ISO standard JPEG 2000.
Alistair Maclenan, responsible for LizardTech sales in the EMEA region, said of the partnership, “The collaboration with Aeromap represents an excellent opportunity for companies and organisations throughout the Middle East to purchase industry-leading software through a reputable and reliable local company.”

Aeromap was founded to provide a complete mapping solution to customers who need aerial data acquisition, photogrammetry services and GIS implementations. Their expertise also extends to providing airborne LiDAR surveys as well as ground-based LASER scanning.

LizardTech’s product suite of GeoExpress, Express Server and Spatial Express is designed to allow customers to prepare, store and deliver images in the most efficient possible manner. Organisations all over the world rely on the industry standard MrSID compression format to allow them to easily handle massive images and do much more with their imagery than was previously possible.

GeoExpress will allow Aeromap’s customers to prepare their imagery for use with tools for reprojection, colour balancing, mosaicking and compression.  Express Server will give users the ability to rapidly distribute massive datasets. The latest innovation, Spatial Express, will allow customers to store images natively within an Oracle® database. Aeromap will promote all three products to geospatial customers throughout the Middle East region.

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