Stereocarto Provides High Resolution Output with the DSW700 from Leica Geosystems

{mosaddphp:mega-house.php}Norcross, GA – Offering the complete digital photogrammetric production workflow to its customers, Stereocarto recently recognized their need for a high-performance, consistently accurate scanner.

Stereocarto provides comprehensive geospatial services, including air fleet, photogrammetric camera, aerial sensor and photogrammetric scanner data gathering; image orientation, measurement and registration for cartographic products; digital terrain modeling and orthography; and editing and analysis tools for GIS, map servers and distribution. 

Many of Stereocarto’s projects necessitate roll-fill scanning completed overnight, requiring high optical resolution very quickly. Their previous scanning equipment produced unstable results with radiometric quality that could be improved.

In February 2005, Stereocarto purchased the DSW700 Digital Scanning Workstation from Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging. This solution was selected because of its ease of use and versatility for scanning in many different resolutions, ultimately producing the best output for both new and existing customers.

After purchasing the DSW700, Stereocarto quickly began delivering stunning results. For the National Center for Geographic Information in Spain, Stereocarto recently scanned 22,000 cut black and white photos at 25-micron resolution. The DSW700 rapidly scanned 150-180 photographs each eight-hour shift.  For each operator, the entire scanning process for each photo took only three minutes.  With three shifts, 450-500 photographs were scanned each day, allowing this large project to be completed in only ten weeks.

“Offering an unprecedented rate of speed, the DSW700 was clearly the solution for Stereocarto—other equipment simply cannot produce this high level of output so quickly and efficiently,” said Antonio Godino, Production Manager, Stereocarto. “This solution’s superior performance has resulted in numerous successes for our company, ensuring the delivery of top-quality results.”

“Coupled with radiometry enhancements and increased geometric accuracy, the DSW700 offers the fastest scanning speeds available, without compromising quality,” said Thomas Bayer, Sales Director for Europe and CIS, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging. “With the DSW700, Stereocarto’s factory can now complete projects at different resolutions very quickly, streamlining the workflow and increasing productivity.”

Based in Madrid, Spain, Stereocarto has offices throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Stereocarto provides service to a wide variety of customers in the government, defense, utility, architecture and engineering sectors. In addition to the DSW700, Stereocarto relies on the innovation and dependability of Leica Geosystems for a number of other solutions, including Leica GPS System 300, Leica GPS1200, Leica SKI-Pro and Leica ALS50-II.

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