Topcon Acquired Certain Assets of Javad Navigation Systems

Topcon Corporation announced recently that it has acquired certain assets of Javad Navigation Systems, Inc. (JNS), which was created as part of the July 2000 agreements between Topcon and Dr. Javad Ashjaee. The specific terms of the deal were not disclosed, but include certain assets and rights of JNS and Dr. Ashjaee.

Mr. Fumio Ohtomo, Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of Topcon’s Positioning Business Division said "Topcon’s 2000 acquisition of Javad Positioning Systems, Inc. included certain market limitations and license and resource sharing agreements. With this latest transaction, we are pleased to announce that no such market limitations and sharing agreements now exist for either party. This deal allows both Topcon and Dr. Ashjaee the ability to pursue our business objectives independently of each other. We wish Dr. Ashjaee future success as he focuses on his new venture, JAVAD GNSS."

Dr. Ashjaee said, "I am so pleased to have completed this transaction and focus solely on my new venture JAVAD GNSS, which has been developing the next generation of GNSS receivers for all applications and is expected to release new products by January 2008. My most recent seven year association with Topcon has been mutually beneficial and I wish their entire organization continued growth and success. I am also pleased with certain provisions of this acquisition that minimizes the chance of future conflicts between Topcon and JAVAD GNSS."

The deal includes provisions to ensure continued support and sales to all existing JNS customers until January 2008 when new products of JAVAD GNSS will be introduced.

About Topcon
Since 1932, Topcon Corporation, located in Tokyo, Japan, has remained true to a vision of technological innovation. As the sole proprietor of optomechatronics — a unique, synergistic blend of optics, mechanics, and electronics technologies — Topcon Corporation introduced a series of high-precision positioning, eye care and fine tech instruments for a wide range of applications. Today, Topcon Corporation continues to lead the way in these markets through their unparalleled dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

The Topcon name carries a reputation of integrity and products of the highest quality receiving industry-leading certification for both its positioning and eye care divisions. Topcon has revenues of about $1 billion annually and employs more than 4000 worldwide with 10 domestic subsidiaries and 26 overseas sales and manufacturing subsidiaries.

Was founded by Dr. Javad Ashjaee in August 2005 to pursue the next generation of GNSS receivers for high precision applications as well as others. Its engineering division employs about 100 highly experienced scientist and engineers who have designed many generations of GNSS receivers. Its revolutionary next generation products are expected to be released to market by January 2008. The company is also focusing on establishing world wide distribution channels.