Geo-3D Increases Support in U.S.A.

Geo-3D Inc. is pleased to announce today that it is increasing its American market presence as part of its continuing global expansion initiative with the creation of a new role within Geo-3D, and through relationships developed with two American agencies.
Geo-3D is pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Huber as Director of Systems Engineering.  In this newly created role, he will support the sales team and clients with technical understanding and know-how that can be used to address mobile mapping solutions that better suit specific needs. Rob brings with him 12 years of consulting experience, which includes 6 years of managing operations that utilize the Trident-3D Solution. “Rob has been involved in projects across North America, encompassing all levels of Government,” stated Daniel Desgagné, President of Geo-3D. “His practical experience and extensive knowledge will be a valuable asset in our commitment to continually provide the best possible support to our North American clients, distributors and partners.”

Due to increased demand in the United States, Geo-3D has contracted two sales agencies to assist with educating existing and prospective clients (service providers and end users) on the expanding Trident-3D product line.  Mobile GEOWEST LLC has extensive experience in the industry, and can easily relate to the challenges faced by government bodies and Public Works when trying to obtain asset data that is in a usable format for analysis. Mobile GEOWEST LLC will be working with Geo-3D to serve the mobile mapping market in western U.S.A. EB Consulting has been similarly engaged in the eastern half of the country. With 24 years of experience in the mapping industry, EB Consulting’s background in field data collection will bring practical applications and knowledge to highlight the many benefits of the Trident-3D Solution.  Daniel Dumont, Vice President of Global Sales, commented, “As business grows, so too must the company in order to best serve our clients. With the assistance of Mobile GEOWEST LLC and EB Consulting, we are confident that we will be able to respond quickly to existing and prospective client requests for information. Both agencies are committed to our technology and are experts in their fields.”

“The U.S.A is a key marketplace for the Trident-3D Solution,” affirms Daniel Desgagné, President. “We are confident that the expanded team we have in now place will strengthen our customer relationships and endeavour to advance our technological leading edge by providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of the industry.” 

About Geo-3D
Geo-3D Inc., a Canadian company founded in 1995, is one of the world leaders in software products and services offered in the field of geomatics and geographic information technologies. The Trident-3D, Kronos based solution is a georeferenced image acquisition system used for mobile mapping and videologging. Survey images can be published in a GIS or transferred to photogrammetric software for further analysis. Resulting georeferenced images are particularly well adapted for use with Trident-3D Analyst to measure and inventory roadside infrastructure. Applications include planning, asset management, appraisal and assessment, GIS, engineering, and emergency response intervention within the transportation, civil and municipal engineering, utilities, homeland security, as well as real estate industries. Geo-3D is increasingly working with international partners to represent its products.  For more information about Geo-3D visit