Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging Acquires Acquis Technology

Norcross, GA — Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging today announced that it has acquired the technology assets of Acquis, Inc., a leader in the development of web-based data editing software for Oracle Spatial. Leica Geosystems will use this technology to provide enterprise functionality on the Oracle Spatial database. In addition, key personnel from Acquis will join Leica’s enterprise efforts.

“The geospatial market is continuing to rapidly evolve and the demand for geospatial information is increasing at a significant pace. People who are not geospatially oriented are now beginning to understand the value geospatial information brings to their everyday business needs,” said Bob Morris, President and CEO, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging. “Given our entry into much larger, enterprise wide, non-traditional markets, this technology acquisition comes at a perfect time.”

Acquis brings a combination of mobile and web enterprise tools and services for a variety of user solutions including spatial database editing tools, Oracle Spatial data management expertise, solution design and implementation services.  

“The merging of geospatial imagery with mainstream data management creates more relevant information throughout the enterprise,” noted David Sonnen, Senior Consultant for Spatial Information Management at IDC. “This acquisition positions Leica Geosystems to add new geospatial capabilities to a wide range of enterprise applications.”

Florida Turnpike recently created a mobile enterprise solution with Acquis Data Editor Remote. Employees capture location and photographic information of road signs and other assets to provide accurate information for highway maintenance. The ADE application completely eliminates the need for post processing of the data, and as a result, Florida Turnpike estimates annual savings of multiple man years.

The US Census Bureau has developed a single, integrated national mapping and address system to support the 2010 US Census. They selected ADE technology to provide a real-time, interactive web editing solution based on the Oracle Spatial 10g topology model. The project, named GATRES, was supported by Acquis developers, whose expert services were key to its success. Deployed in April, the solution can scale over many remote US Census sites providing multiple users the ability to dynamically edit and update Oracle Spatial information.  

“Now geospatial information is more easily accessible and utilized as business intelligence by non-traditional markets outside of the geospatial arena,” said Liam McGeown, President, Acquis, Inc. “Leica’s investment in Acquis will allow us to jointly provide more readily accessible, up to date, geospatial information that can be used and stored across an enterprise built around an Oracle Spatial solution.

The acquisition of Acquis technology was made for an undisclosed amount.

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