Important Message for Allen Precision Equipment Customers

This message is to inform all our customers of the current status of the relationship between Allen Precision Inc. and Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.
Allen Precision Inc. was purchased on May 3rd by Hexagon Metrology AB, an affiliate of Leica Geosystems. Our intentions were to continue representing all current product lines, including Topcon. Allen Precision was very excited about all the new products and markets our new ownership was going to allow us to explore. Our goal has always been to provide the largest choice of equipment, with the best technical support, and world class training to help the overall profitability of our customers. However, Topcon has chosen not to support our mission, and to our disappointment Topcon has decided to discontinue our relationship.

Allen Precision will continue the support of all our customers with any of the products we have sold them in the past and we will continue to explore new products and service programs that focus on increasing our customers’ overall productivity. 

Please feel free to contact any of our staff for additional information. We look forward to continue to assist you with all your survey and construction needs.


The Entire Allen Precision Family