AERO-METRIC purchases Optech’s 100th ALTM and will now operate two ALTM systems!

Tampa, May 9, 2007: Optech Incorporated is pleased to announce that AERO-METRIC, Inc. has just purchased their second ALTM within four years. AERO-METRIC’s second ALTM is not only the new Gemini model—it also happens to be Optech’s 100th ALTM sold worldwide. As the first lidar manufacturer to sell and deploy 100 airborne lidar systems, Optech is especially pleased that AERO-METRIC, a current ALTM owner, helped Optech achieve this industry-first. AERO-METRIC operates an ALTM 3070, which was recently upgraded to full Gemini functionality. Purchasing a second ALTM Gemini is testimony to AERO-METRIC’s success with Optech’s exclusive ALTM multipulse technology.

“We’re delighted that AERO-METRIC has had such great success with our ALTM Gemini that they purchased a second unit.  It’s also a pleasure to partner with AERO-METRIC on the celebration of our 100th ALTM,” says Don Carswell, President of Optech Incorporated.  “By further expanding their fleet to include two ALTM Geminis, AERO-METRIC is in an excellent position to provide a wide range of services for their clients to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the aerial surveying, imaging and mapping industry.”

“Optech’s solid technology and reliable service have enabled us to successfully complete lidar surveys from Alaska to Florida, and many states in between,” says Pat Olson, President and CEO of AERO-METRIC. “We first used Optech laser profiling systems in the early 1980s to conduct sea ice surveys in Alaska. Optech equipment has consistently outperformed our expectations in the geographic extremes and climatic rigors under which we operate.  We are excited to be part of Optech’s milestone 100th lidar system with the purchase of our second ALTM Gemini, and congratulate them on this significant achievement.”

About Optech Incorporated
Optech is the global leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. The company offers client-driven solutions in airborne terrestrial mapping, airborne laser bathymetry, 3D laser imaging, space-based atmospheric monitoring, space-borne landing/docking systems, mine cavity monitoring systems and industrial process control equipment.

AERO-METRIC has offices strategically located throughout the U.S., and has been a major provider of professional geospatial services since 1922.  From data acquired using land, airborne and satellite sensors, AERO-METRIC defines the Earth’s topographic shape, identifies and measures its natural and man-made features, and assesses its condition. AERO-METRIC increasingly relies on LIDAR technology for quickly and accurately creating elevation models and in extracting planimetric detail. A diverse and growing mix of clients depend on AERO-METRIC’s timely and reliable geospatial information for feasibility studies, natural resource evaluation, engineering design and construction, temporal change detection and assessment, environmental monitoring, and numerous related applications.