QCoherent Software announces Pierce County’s selection of LP360 LIDAR Software

Colorado Springs, CO USA – January 8, 2007 – QCoherent Software, provider of Limitless LIDAR™ software tools, announces Pierce County Washington’s selection of LP360, the LIDAR extension for ArcGIS, as their enterprise LIDAR software solution. LP360 employs a specially designed ArcMap data layer to access and draw LIDAR points directly from LAS files. The unique non-memory intensive architecture of LP360 supports enormous quantities of point cloud data. LP360 effortlessly facilitates the integration of LIDAR data with other GIS data types supported by ESRI’s ArcGIS software.

According to Linda Gerull, Pierce County GIS Manager, “We have been on the hunt for a good LIDAR software package for over a year and a half. LP360 uniquely provides the County the specific LIDAR tools and ArcGIS integration we were seeking.” The agreement also calls for QCoherent software to provide Pierce County with training and a LIDAR MapServer solution currently undergoing research and development.

"Pierce County is a great example of a progressive county taking full advantage of LIDAR and LP360’s ability to leverage point clouds in day-to-day operations. LP360 also provides Pierce County with the flexibility of reducing the storage overhead commonly associated with LIDAR ASCII files and derivative datasets through LP360’s use of LAS files, on-the-fly dynamic TIN, and contour generation”, said Torin Haskell, QCoherent Software’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

For more information on LP360 and a free trial, please visit QCoherent online at www.QCoherent.com, or contact by phone at 719-386-6900.

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