Sarasota County, Fla., Selects MultiVision USA to Provide Oblique Imagery for 911 Operations

Orlando, Fla., 4 January 2007 – MultiVision USA has been selected to provide its new MultiVision 3D Plus advanced oblique imagery solution to Sarasota County, Fla., for use in emergency 911 operations and public safety activities. Sarasota is the first county in the nation to purchase the county-wide MultiVision 3D Plus solution primarily for public safety applications.

“This is another first by MultiVision USA as it continues to win market share in the oblique imagery marketplace,” said Dave Ledgerwood, MultiVision USA President. “While oblique imagery remains ideal for property assessment, the MultiVision 3D Plus product appeals to end users for many additional applications within a state, city or county government.”

The MultiVision 3D Plus solution has changed the paradigm in oblique aerial imagery. Once used solely for property assessment, oblique imagery from MultiVision USA – with 3-inch pixel resolution – is suitable for use by multiple local government departments in 3D and multi-perspective viewing applications relating to E911 response, disaster planning, floodplain analysis and infrastructure asset management.

“We are very pleased to lead the nation with the new 3D Plus solution from MultiVision. The Sarasota 911 call center has always been a showcase for 911 centers across the country to model. You cannot put a price tag on the value this new system brings to the emergency services center,” said Bill Stevens, ENP, 911 Coordinator for Sarasota County and Vice President of the Florida Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). "With MultiVision USA, we are able to access visual information from multiple directions for any site where an emergency may happen. This helps us to assess locations more accurately and better plan our response. We can now look at the entire emergency event from a new perspective, saving critical time and hopefully saving more lives.”

With MultiVision 3D Plus and more than 70,000 high-resolution images, the Sarasota County E911 emergency services center will be equipped with advanced imagery to guide first responders to emergency scenes. MultiVision software provides multi-dimensional viewing, measurement, analysis, and planning tools as well as onscreen 3D modeling that can be integrated with commercial GIS-based programs.

"Whether planning normal daily operations, making logistical decisions for smaller incidents, or planning for major events, emergency planners can use our imagery and viewing tools to make critical decisions that save time and lives," said Ledgerwood. "We’re pleased to work with Sarasota County in their efforts to better protect and serve the area’s taxpayers."

For other public safety applications, MultiVision USA imagery will prove useful in emergency planning and preparedness, including the execution of raids and warrants, placement of command centers and emergency shelters, and evacuation routes in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Law enforcement, fire and rescue and emergency planning agencies in Sarasota County will make use of the oblique imagery and viewing software to improve their operational efficiency and enhance safety of area residents.

By accessing the digital imagery on mobile data terminals, law enforcement officers and first responders will be able to assess situations while en route to a location, find the best route to the scene and make tactical placement decisions. Based on topography, fire hydrant and utility locations, water sources, and details of buildings involved, decision-makers can pre-plan how to position equipment and assign manpower even before arriving on scene. The technology can also aid in accident reconstruction and planning alternate routes when normal traffic must be diverted.

The new MultiVision 3D Plus solution was developed to enable users to fully exploit the unrivaled clarity and information content of MultiVision USA oblique imagery. Acquired with a proprietary aerial imaging system, MultiVision imagery offers a pixel resolution of +3 inches, sufficient to identify and measure even the smallest building detail or infrastructure asset. Without third-party vendors or add-on software, the MultiVision 3D Plus solution includes 3D modeling capabilities showing actual building facades, 3D flood inundation analyses, and integration of existing GIS layers.

About MultiVision USA
The MultiVision imagery database and software provide several advantages over other oblique aerial products. MultiVision processing technology registers the oblique images to standard orthophotography to create a multi-dimensional viewing environment in the end user’s chosen coordinate system, resulting in accurate feature identification and measurement. In addition, the MultiVision software provides easy-to-use 3D modeling functionality. Perhaps most importantly, MultiVision clients own the imagery they purchase from MultiVision USA. MultiVision continues to grow rapidly county by county throughout the USA providing the most advanced and user friendly professional oblique imagery solution to all users within state, county and local governments.