Geodynamic Solutions Inc. (GSI) Purchases Geospatial Training Services LLC

Houston, Texas, 18 December 2006 – Geodynamic Solutions Inc. (GSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of LandWorks Inc., has acquired Geospatial Training Services LLC, a provider of Geographic Information System (GIS) training courses for geotechnology professionals. The entire catalog of Geospatial Training Services classes, including the popular “Google Maps for Your Apps,” will now be offered through GSI.

GSI specializes in the design, development, implementation and training of enterprise-wide geospatial applications built upon the full suite of GIS technology from ESRI. Clients include industry and governmental agencies that can benefit from managing, analyzing and reporting their business activities through an interactive GIS map display. 

“Training is an important component of the products and services offered by GSI,” said Jerry Bramwell, president and CEO of LandWorks, the GSI parent company. “The purchase of Geospatial Training Services enables us to enhance and expand the course offerings of both companies.”

GSI will continue to offer virtual courses worldwide through the Geospatial Training web site at

Eric Pimpler, the president and CEO of Geospatial Training Services, has joined GSI as its GIS Consulting Services Manager. The 15 courses developed by Geospatial Training Services, which feature multimedia demonstrations and interactive exercises, have primarily been offered virtually on CDs or through downloads from the company web site. GSI has traditionally taught its seminars live at its classrooms in Houston and Denver or at client sites.

“The synergy between our companies is ideal because we now have the versatility to offer either virtual or live training experiences to our clients,” said Pimpler. “We have already developed online adaptations of the GSI classes, and we are preparing to offer the Geospatial Training Services courses in the Houston and Denver training centers.”

GSI currently offers two courses: “Developing Web-Based GIS Applications Using C#.NET and ArcIMS” and “ArcGIS for Geoscientists.” Seminars developed by Geospatial Training Services include, “Integrating ArcGIS Data with Google Earth,” “Introduction to VBA for ArcMap,” and “Introduction to ArcObjects.”

“GSI will soon create a variety of additional virtual courses focused on GIS software and solutions,” said Bramwell. “We are planning courses on developing applications using ESRI’s new ArcGIS Server 9.2 release. In addition, GSI will start offering the more popular virtual courses as instructor-led classes in its two training centers.” 

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Geodynamic Solutions Inc. provides enterprise and internet solutions that enable clients to integrate, access, and analyze geographic information. GSI is dedicated to providing its clients with a unique, competitive advantage by translating their needs into superior, cost-effective solutions based upon GIS technology.

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The parent company of GSI, LandWorks provides software and services utilizing the world-leading GIS technology of ESRI. With offices in Houston, TX and Denver, CO, the company’s primary focus is providing software products and services for managing land/lease ownership, rights and obligations. Clients include any industry or government agency required to manage a large volume of land/lease assets such as: oil and gas, mining, pipelines, telecommunications, electric/gas utilities, forestry, transportation, water and Indian tribes. LandWorks also offers a full line of digitizing and data conversion services. In addition, it is a provider of ESRI certified training classes.