Leica Geosystems and Locata Corporation Sign Agreement on Co-operation

(Norcross, Ga., 11 September 2006) Leica Geosystems and Locata Corporation, Australia, are pleased to announce that they have signed a co-operation agreement for the distribution and support of Locata positioning technology in mutually-agreed markets. The first steps in this agreement will see Locata providing technology and support to Leica Geosystems for Locata receiver integration into mine monitoring and machine automation solutions for open cast mining, and for monitoring of structures such as bridges, dams and buildings. It is expected that these markets will initially gain the most benefit from completely new Locata technology which creates terrestrial augmentation of GPS for environments with weak or no GPS coverage.

Following initial integration activities, Locata will co-operate with Leica Geosystems in the development of an integrated GPS/Locata receiver for specific positioning markets.

The agreement gives Leica Geosystems worldwide rights to distribute Locata positioning technologies for the open cast mining and structural deformation markets, whereby distribution includes sales, logistics, installation and post-sales support.

Nunzio Gambale, CEO of Locata stated: "We are pleased that Leica Geosystems recognizes the benefits of Locata over other wireless positioning or pseudolite augmentation technologies. Leica Geosystems are a recognized world leader in high-precision positioning technologies and their organization and distribution are well placed to serve global markets. Having Leica Geosystems as a partner will ensure that Locata technology reaches all possible customers in mining and structural monitoring."

Martin Nix, Senior Vice President of Leica Geosystems’ Business Area Infrastructure and Engineering stated that, "The growth in location-based data and services has increased expectations for reliable and accurate positions. For some situations where there is inadequate GPS coverage, Locata can provide significant and complimentary benefits. We are pleased to begin working on projects with Locata in order to offer new and innovative solutions."

About Locata Corporation
Locata Corporation has developed new radio-location technology which provides precise positioning in “classically difficult” GPS environments. The company’s solutions allow deployment of a network of terrestrially-based transceivers (LocataLites) that transmit ranging signals. LocataLites create a positioning network called a LocataNet that can operate in combination with GPS (e.g. open-cut mining) or independent of GPS (e.g. indoors). One very special property of the LocataNet is that it is time-synchronous, allowing single point positioning (no differential corrections or data links required) with cm-level accuracy. The LocataNet replicates the GPS satellite constellation – but on the ground. There is no other technology that can do this.

Locata currently has 19 granted patents on devices and systems which advance radio-location technology to new levels, with many more patents applied for. Locata’s combination of reliability, adaptability and precision gives unique new radio-location possibilities to many markets where GPS-style positioning had previously been difficult or impossible. Early adopters of Locata technology already include the US military, mining and structural deformation markets. Locata Corporation has headquarters in Canberra, Australia.

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