Expansion Continues for Surdex Corporation

Aerial Photography and LiDAR Mapping Firm Opens New Office in Houston

St. Louis, Missouri, September 8, 2006 – Ron Hoffmann, President of Surdex Corporation, a St. Louis based photogrammetric industry leader, announced today that the company has opened a new office in the Houston Metro Area (Park Ten). This is the third location for Surdex, which currently has offices in Missouri and Florida.

In Houston Surdex will have a staff of three including: Randy Burkham, Vice President Customer Solutions; Jeff Tippen, Sr. Project Engineer; and Karen Burkham, Southwest Office Manager. Combined, the Houston staff possesses over 40 years of industry experience with skill sets in survey, imagery, LiDAR, GIS, mapping, project and account management.

Mr. Hoffmann stated that the new Houston office is a national and international conduit for oil and gas industry projects. It provides access, not only to the Surdex-owned fleet of six aircraft, equipped with the latest technology for flight, imagery, LiDAR and mapping projects; but also to a heavily experienced set of subcontractors working for Surdex. The Houston office will offer its services to the oil and gas industry worldwide, as well as local engineering firms, and local, state, and federal government agencies across the western United States.

Mr. Hoffmann indicated that in 2005 alone, the company provided imagery and geospatial products covering over 575,000 square miles. With the expansion work out of Houston, the company expects to exceed 750,000 square miles for the 2007 year.

For more information, visit www.surdex.com or call Dianna Walters at 636-532-3427.