ArWest announces cooperation with Mu-Gahat Enterprises and International Business Machines.

ArWest Communications Corporation announced today that it is joining with International Business Machines (IBM) and Mu-Gahat Enterprises, LLC (MGE) a 100% Native American owned and operated manufacturer of “Cutting Edge” edge RF and RFID technology to explore certain joint venture opportunities.  MGE and ArWest have become strategic partners so that ArWest can capitalize on MGE’s electronics manufacturing expertise as well as the incentives, benefits and special considerations that arise from sourcing product from a Native American company.  ArWest has become a proponent of MGE’s manufacturing strategy with its unique access to Federal procurement, bourgeoning penetration of related RF markets and its cost-competitive potential that provides opportunities in the U.S. marketplace not available elsewhere.

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Baxter Watkins, President, co-founder and CEO of Mu-Gahat is an enrolled member of the Choctaw Tribal Nation and a leading exponent of Native American manufacture of high technology.  He commented that the relationships with ArWest and other companies with a similar interest in the cost advantages obtained from manufacturing their products in a Native American setting are based on MGE’s technological leadership in its field of RFID manufacturing.  This also applies to the professional relationships it has nurtured with corporate America including such companies as Cellotape and IBM.  He indicated that MGE, operating from its Native American business platform, will be both an electronics and RF devices manufacturing source as well as a privileged sales channel with entree into every American company and government agency with a diversity program. 

Barrie Hogarth, ArWest VP Sales and Marketing. emphasized that working through MU-Gahat willl enable ArWest to expand both their market size and sales penetration into areas that otherwise might be denied them.  An example of the foregoing is a Department of Interior Fish and Wildlife solicitation that will select and pre-qualify 30 firms for 30 separate contracts of up to $125 Million each over a five year period where teaming with a Native American manufacturer will open the door to directed procurement preferences.

ArWest has designed, developed and is marketing innovative narrow band radio transceivers and related intellectual property with a wide range of applications for both government and industry.  It has recently concluded a sale with Raytheon which intends to incorporate ArWest’s UHF and VHF radio modems into an upgrade of the US Air Force Tactical Meteorological Equipment (TACMET)

ArWest is actively seeking Distributors who can take the AW products to the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) market.