Frontier Surveying Announces Senior Staffing Changes and Additions

Corpus Christi, TX., Aug 31, 2006– Ivy Young, CEO of Frontier Surveying Company, and Robert Young, RPLS,  President, are pleased to announce some crucial additions and staffing changes which will help Frontier continue its ongoing expansion into additional Geomatics markets.

“We have recently made some strategic moves and additions to allow us to further enhance our progress in growing Frontier Surveying and its sister company Digital Mapping Services” said Mrs. Young. Mr. Young then went on to list the following changes.

James B Gillis, NSLS, CLS, RPLS, has recently joined Frontier taking up the position of Survey Operations Manager.  Mr. Gillis has over 30 years of experience in the field of surveying and mapping, including boundary surveys, topographic mapping, control surveys, petroleum exploration surveys, and construction monitoring. His experience includes extensive international work, and he is qualified as a registered surveyor in two Canadian jurisdictions, as well as Texas.

James M. Naismith, RPLS, LSLS, now moves to the position of Vice-President, responsible for financial issues. Mr. Naismith has extensive experience in all aspects of surveying and mapping, and in addition has held management roles with two of the primary manufacturers of first line survey equipment.

John Fincher, RPLS, has joined the company, working out of the Fort Worth office, as a Project Manager for pipeline surveys. Mr. Fincher has been a Registered Land Surveyor for over 43 years with extensive pipeline and boundary survey experience.

Another addition, Mike MacInnis, RPLS, works out of the Corpus Christi office. Mr. MacInnis has a great deal of experience in seismic surveys, onshore and offshore, domestic and international, and is a Project Manager concentrating on Hydrographic Survey activities.

Jerry Moore, RPLS, with 16 years of experience has taken on the roll of Project Manager for oil and gas surveys, also working out of the Corpus Christi office.

Clay Ward, RPLS, has joined Frontier and is working on a strategic expansion into central and west Texas.  Mr. Ward has extensive experience in oil & gas and rural surveying.

“With these additions to the company, we are in a much better position to provide to our clients all the surveying and mapping services that they require, both in Texas and possibly elsewhere”, said Mr. Young, “The use of survey metadata is crucial to establishing a unique database of spatial information which allows us to service our clients more quickly and more accurately than would otherwise be possible.”  Mrs. Young adds, “We continue to gather individuals with the highest standards, capable of evolving, growing, and mentoring each other.  This process contributes to the overall success of the profession.”

About Frontier Surveying Company and Digital Mapping Services, L.P.
Frontier Surveying Company, along with the more recently formed Digital Mapping Services, L.P., is a rapidly growing business synergy with expanding Geomatics capabilities. With this somewhat unique use of GIS interwoven with traditional surveying. Frontier has recently doubled its staff to approximately 75 and has offices in both Corpus Christi and Fort Worth. It has many clients in the petroleum sector but has also expanded into GIS, hydrographic surveying, and other disciplines. Frontier Surveying Company was established in 1978.  There are presently two offices, one in Corpus Christi, Texas and one in Fort Worth, Texas.

For Additional Information, please Contact Robert Young, RPLS, President at 817-560-4500, or Ivy Young, CEO at 361-881-8044.