Australian Organization Joins Topcon Positioning Systems

Livermore, California – Topcon Corporation’s machine control, GPS, laser and survey operations in Australia and New Zealand will join Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS). TPS will assume sales, marketing and support activities in Australia.

The new operation will become effective July 1, 2006.  A TPS software development group is already located in Brisbane.

TPS directs global product development and production for Topcon’s entire range of machine control and GPS systems, as well as sales and support for all Topcon positioning products in North and South America. TPS is a subsidiary of Topcon Corporation, which has its headquarters in Tokyo.

The move to integrate Australian operations with TPS follows the highly successful business model introduced last year with the restructuring of the Topcon Europe sales organization – which has seen a doubling in Topcon’s sales in Europe in less than 12 months.

Ray O’Connor, TPS president and chief executive officer, directs European business development as chairman of the board of Topcon Europe Positioning. 

“The new structure in Europe has seen significant growth in sales and market share in just one year, and we see an even brighter future ahead,” said O’Connor. “Our goal is to achieve the same type of growth in Australia and New Zealand.”

TPS Australia will immediately begin to expand the positioning systems business throughout Australia and New Zealand, O’Connor said. “This exciting business model will greatly streamline sales and support activities by providing direct lines of communication to both TPS and Topcon headquarters in Japan.”

Jamie Williamson, senior vice president of TPS sales and marketing, said Australian and New Zealand dealers and customers would see an immediate benefit through integration of sales and support staffs, and “will receive timely product and application information, plus direct access to new technological software, products, and applications.

“Australian and New Zealand contractors and surveyors are very knowledgeable about the changing professional landscape; they are progressive and extremely accepting of new technologies,” Williamson said. “That’s another reason we believe there is great potential for growth in this market.”

TPS’ history of introducing innovative technologies and new systems to create opportunities to increase productivity, save time, and increase bottom line dollars for its customers  “will have a tremendous positive impact on the business of our customers,” he said.

Additionally, Topcon dealers and customers in Australia and New Zealand “will continue to receive the highest possible quality of service and support,” Williamson said. “We’re making a long-term investment to build an even stronger distributor and customer support network in this region. It’s vital to our success,” he said.

O’Connor said, “Six years ago, Topcon entered the global GPS market with virtually no market share.  Now we have a commanding share as a direct result of our technological innovations, aggressive marketing, strong support organization, and, of course, an outstanding dealer network.”

“Through continuous development of pioneering technologies such as G3 (which receives all satellite signals available now and in the foreseeable future from the GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo constellations) and the Millimeter GPS™ precision control system, we feel that reaching significant gains in market share quickly is an attainable goal,” O’Connor said

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