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Denver, CO, June 9, 2006 – GPS POLE TRANSPORTER™ products, manufactured by RuxWorks, LLC, are now being distributed through is the latest addition to RuxWorks growing distribution network (four U.S. dealers and one Canadian dealer). is a leading online supplier for surveying equipment; engineering tools and supplies; blueprint storage, drafting supplies, construction calculators, engineering office supplies and measuring tools. President of, Rob Powell, made the following statement “We’re always on the look out for new and exciting products that will help our customers get their jobs done. By taking on the RuxWorks line of products, is able to help serve Surveying Professionals that work with GPS Equipment”.

GPS POLE TRANSPORTER™ products are designed to secure and protect sensitive and expensive survey equipment to the vehicle during movement in the field; as well as, eliminate the re-initializing (tear-down and start-up) of GPS equipment throughout the day. The three TRANSPORTER™ models are designed to fit every type of surveying vehicle operating today by utilizing different mounting locations. All products are 38” in storage length, have a pole clamp with a spring loaded soft rubber jaw and are compatible with all GPS poles and accessories (level bubble, data collector, bi-pod, etc.). The products are also rust / scratch resistant black powder coated steel construction, wireless/Bluetooth® compatible, robotic tracking system compatible and ambidextrous design is visible at all times. Models and MSRP pricing are as follows: Truck Bed TRANSPORTER™ (PT-100) $465.00, Rear Wheel Well TRANSPORTER™ (PT-200) $475.00, 2” Receiver Hitch TRANSPORTER™ (PT-300) $495.00.

About RuxWorks
President, Dave Rux, is a Licensed Professional Surveyor in Colorado and started RuxWorks, LLC in 2006, after 16 years in the surveying industry. During this time, Dave noticed other surveyors having difficulty storing and transporting their GPS equipment safely. He began to make units and sell them to his surveyor colleagues in 2005/06. In February 2006, the three core products were launched and now RuxWorks anticipates releasing a RTV and ATV models by the beginning of summer 2006.

For sales, dealer and distribution information contact: Gary Hatton, Marketing Manager, Phone: 303.980.5567, Fax: 303.980.5565 or email