Service Center Established for ILRIS Products in Europe

Toronto, Ontario, October 3rd, 2005 – Optech Incorporated of Toronto, Canada, and Codevintec SRL of Milan, Italy, are proud to jointly announce the establishment of a European service and repair center for all ILRIS-3D and ILRIS-36D three-dimensional laser scanner products. The service center will provide first-line, fast response direct support to Optech’s rapidly growing  customer base throughout the European Union and neighboring countries.

"Optech has always maintained a strong focus for customer support, be it for equipment repairs or for applications and software," says Brent W. Gelhar, Director of Optech’s Industrial & 3D Imaging Division. "By having a service center locally responding to our rapidly growing base of ILRIS users throughout Europe and the neighboring areas, we can extend our customer accessibility over geographic and time difference barriers."

Codevintec maintains completely trained staff and a well-equipped contingent of parts to handle most support anomalies. They provide over 30 years of experience in Italy and Europe to the geomatics, earth science, bathymetric, and advanced geodesy technologies.

About Optech
Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. Optech products and applications include: the ILRIS line of laser scanners; the ALTM airborne laser terrain mapper; the SHOALS line of airborne lidar bathymeters; atmospheric monitoring and space-based systems for planetary exploration, orbital operations and Earth preservation; mine cavity monitoring systems; and industrial process control solutions.

For further information, please contact:
Brent W. Gelhar
Director, Industrial & 3D Imaging Division
Optech Incorporated
100 Wildcat Road • Toronto, ON • Canada  M3J 2Z9
Tel: [416] 661-5904 • Fax: [416] 661-4168 •

About Codevintec
Since 1973 Codevintec has been the most important firm in the Italian Earth Sciences market. Milestones include the supply of the first Interactive Graphic System in Europe early in the 1970s; the supply of the main components of the Italian Earthquake Monitoring Network in the 1970s, and in 2002 its complete overhaul with new digital components; the boosting of Ground Probing Radar technology early in the 1980s; the introduction of the first commercial GPS receiver for surveying in 1986; and many other strategic activities with important Italian government and private organizations. Codevintec expertise also covers the supply of Geodesy, Geophysics, Oceanographic and Positioning Systems, and the fitting of oceanographic vessels and surveying vehicles. In 2000 Codevintec began activities in 3D Imaging technology with world-leading manufacturers covering both land and sub-sea applications.

For further information, please contact:
Andrea Faccioli
Codevintec Italiana srl
Via G. Labus, 13
20147 Milano – Italy
Tel + 39 02 4830.2175
Fax + 39 02 4830.2169