EarthData Mobilizes to Begin Suriname Mapping Project

Products will lay the foundation for the country’s Ground and Land Information System

Frederick, MD (September 19, 2005) – EarthData will mobilize to Paramaribo this week to kick-off its recent $1.8 million contract award with the Government of Suriname for high-resolution geospatial data products and services. Flight crews will acquire color-infrared aerial photography over 3,615 square miles of the country’s coastal plain where the majority of the population resides. EarthData will use the resulting imagery to generate high-resolution orthophotography and digital elevation models. Photointerpretation training also will be provided to government employees for land-use and land-cover analysis.

“This project is the first step towards the completion of the country’s ground and land information system [GLIS], which will greatly enhance our efforts to better control urban and rural land exploitation in Suriname,” said Mr. Franco Demon, the country’s former Secretary for Natural Resources, during a signing ceremony held in the capital city of Paramaribo last month.

With international business development as a top priority, EarthData’s work on the Suriname project demonstrates the organization’s commitment to this strategic goal. “We realize how important this project is for the GLIS program, and we are honored to contribute to its success with the creation of this foundation dataset,” said EarthData CEO Anne Hale Miglarese.
About EarthData
EarthData is an airborne data collection, mapping, and GIS services organization that provides clients with customized products, services, and GIS applications to support a wide range of land-use, resource management, and engineering activities. With its fleet of aircraft, the organization collects aerial photography, uses an airborne laser system (lidar) and imaging radar (GeoSAR) to produce 3D terrain models, and develops or deploys other remote sensing technologies to detect thermal and multispectral information about the earth’s surface. EarthData offices in Florida, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, and Washington, DC, use this data to create and supply photogrammetric, lidar, radar, and digital orthophoto mapping and GIS applications and services. EarthData also owns a Midwest mapping and GIS company, Horizons, Inc., with offices in South Dakota and Minnesota. (