Leica Geosystems HDS and Zoller+Fröhlich Announce Closer Partnership for Laser Scanners

The High-Definition Surveying Division of Leica Geosystems announced a further strengthening of its strategic partnership with Zoller+Fröhlich (Wangen, Germany). Based on the commercial success of an OEM distribution agreement under which Leica markets Z+F’s ultra-high speed laser scanners as the Leica HDS4500, the OEM agreement has been made fully exclusive to Leica for several key geographic markets.

The key Leica-exclusive markets are North America, South & Latin America, China and Australia. The scanners are used for performing High-Definition as-built surveys primarily for plant, civil, and architectural design/construction projects.

Successful Execution Leads to Strengthening of Strategic Partnership
The ongoing partnership between Leica and Z+F, which began in 2003, has proven to be extremely positive for both companies. Z+F has benefited from Leica’s market leadership position in 3D laser scanning products and Leica’s extensive and highly knowledgeable sales and dealer organization. Leica has been successfully marketing, selling, and supporting Leica HDS4500 scanners as a natural complement to Leica’s own industry-leading, versatile Leica HDS3000 scanner, Cyclone™ software, and CloudWorx™ software. Leica has likewise benefited from Z+F’s leadership in ultra-high speed, phase-based laser scanners. Z+F helped develop the very first such systems in the 1990’s and the HDS4500 scanners have proven to be robust, high-performance systems worthy of the Leica brand.

Since the original OEM distribution was announced, Leica has further developed its own software, accessories, and recommended workflows to operate an HDS4500 laser scanner and efficiently process the scanner’s data into 2D drawings and 3D computer models. Today, the Leica HDS4500 scanner is fully compatible with Leica’s Cyclone-SCAN, Cyclone-MODEL, Cyclone-REGISTER, Cyclone-SERVER, three versions of CloudWorx software (Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD, Bentley CloudWorx, and Leica CloudWorx for Intergaph SmartPLANT Review), as well as Z+F’s LaserControl, LFM Modeller and LFM Server software (for AVEVA PDMS and Intergraph SmartPLANT), allowing 12 Billions points to be handled.

Leica remains free to sell under the Leica brand and fully support HDS4500 phased-based scanners to the remaining geographic markets on a non-exclusive basis.
Market Leaders Continue to Enhance Partnership for “Best-in-Market” Solutions
“As the Leica HDS4500 utilization continues to grow, it’s a logical progression for Leica Geosystems and Z+F to strengthen our strategic partnership. This latest step in the Leica-Z+F relationship is sure to prove advantageous not only for the two companies but for the laser scanning industry as well”, stated Geoff Jacobs, Sr. Vice President, Product Management and Marketing, for Leica Geosystems High-Definition Surveying division. “Two industry leaders increasing their strategic partnership in this manner will result in more comprehensive and compelling overall solutions for the market.”

Recognizing Synergies Fuels Growth Opportunities
By way of furthering of this partnership, Z+F is able to better focus its resources on core activities for its phased-based scanner products. Managing Director, Z+F GmbH, Christoph Fröhlich, notes, “We at Z+F are equally excited about our latest agreement with Leica. The synergy between Z+F and Leica was recognized with the first agreement. That foresight of possible synergies has proven to be accurate. As our two companies work even more closely together, we feel very positive that the results will not only be excellent for Z+F and Leica but also for our users and the scanning community at large. I continue to see a very bright future for our partnership.”

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Zoller + Fröhlich 
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About Zoller+Fröhlich 
The medium-sized company Zoller+Fröhlich (www.zofre.de) was founded in Wangen in 1963 in South Germany and today has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In the late 1960s, Z+F invented the ferrules with insulating collar and has since developed products for wire harnessing, factory automation and laser measurement. Since the early 1990s, Z+F has been developing and distributing spot, profiling and imaging measurement systems as well as the software necessary for operating the hardware and for generating 3D models. From the beginning, the company has aimed at developing innovative products of high quality that can be used in various ways, as well as setting up long-term cooperation with customers, suppliers and dealers, as with employees.

About the High-Definition Surveying Division of Leica Geosystems
The High-Definition Surveying™ Division of Leica Geosystems, http://hds.leica-geosystems.com, is based in San Ramon, California. The company specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of High-Definition Surveying™ (also known as 3D laser scanning) systems and software. These products are used for performing as-built, detail, engineering, and topographic surveys for a variety of 2D & 3D mapping and modeling applications in the AEC and other markets. The company was founded in 1993 as Cyra Technologies, was acquired in 2001 by Leica Geosystems AG, and operates as a wholly owned subsidiary. The company is a leading hardware and software vendor in this emerging market.

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