Riegl LMS Q-560 Laser Purchased by LiDAR Services International

LiDAR Services International (LSI) becomes the first North American airborne LiDAR Company to purchase the new revolutionary Riegl LMS Q-560 laser.

Calgary, Alberta Canada – LiDAR Services International (LSI) has recently purchased the new revolutionary Riegl model Q-560 laser scanner which incorporates full waveform digitizing of all return laser pulses. With this purchase, LSI becomes the first airborne LiDAR survey company in North America to acquire this advanced laser scanner.

The Q-560 laser has a unique feature in that it digitizes the echo waveform of each laser pulse as it travels from the airborne platform to the ground below. This provides access to full surface information with the return waveforms giving detailed insights into the vertical structure of earth surface features, surface slope roughness and reflectivity.

Waveform digitization offers an unlimited number of returns for each laser shot. Detailed resolution of surface roughness, slope and ground vegetation will now be possible. For forestry applications, the Q-560 will reveal detailed canopy and sub-canopy layers, height of all canopy layers, facilitating the determination of species, vegetation health, forest structure and biomass.

The Q-560 laser is a Class-1 eye safe laser pulsating at 100,000 Hz giving a measurement rate up to 66,000 laser pulses per second. The laser is extremely rugged and can be flown up to an elevation of 1500 metres (5000 feet) above the ground. The laser will install without modifications into both LSI’s HELIX helicopter and Cessna 185F fixed wing mounts.

“With LSI’s purchase of the Q-560, LSI takes a leading technology position among LiDAR providers in North America”, according to Tony Tubman the President of LSI. “The digital wave form analysis provided by the Q-560 is a first for any scanning laser manufacturer and confirms Riegl’s dedication to laser research and development.”

LSI also announces the commencement of a LiDAR survey in Madagascar for a large engineering company working on a new mine site, processing plant and slurry pipeline. Additional LSI news details can be found on the LSI web site at www.lidarservices.ca.

About LiDAR Services International
Based in Calgary Alberta Canada, LSI is a highly experienced airborne LiDAR service company offering worldwide LiDAR mapping and digital imagery data collection services for a wide variety of industries. LSI currently owns and operates 3 HELIX LiDAR systems with a 4th system planned for the end of 2005.