BAE Systems to Provide Geopositioning Software for DOD Applications

San Diego – BAE Systems will provide precision geopositioning software for Department of Defense applications under the U.S. Navy’s Common Geopositioning Services Project (CGSP). The contract, awarded by the Naval Air Warfare Center, is valued at $4.6 million and includes options through 2008.

Under the contract, BAE Systems will develop a Common Geopositioning Services (CGS) Toolset, a modular set of software geopositioning services capable of calculating accurate, three-dimensional geographic coordinates. The Toolset will provide validated, precise coordinates with rigorous error estimates in support of DoD applications such as the targeting of coordinate seeking weapons. BAE Systems’ latest imagery exploitation product, SOCET GXP™, will serve as the Integrated Viewer software for the CGS Toolset.

“With the CGSP contract award, BAE Systems continues our commitment to provide robust, precision geolocation tools to the DoD and Intelligence communities,” said Ted Spilman, BAE Systems’ vice president for Defense Systems. “We are excited to supply the critical infrastructure for the rapidly growing geopositioning requirements in support of precision-guided munitions and antiterrorism initiatives.”

The combination of SOCET GXP and the CGS Toolset will permit standalone installation of the software suite on UNIX or Windows-based workstation architectures. BAE Systems will also provide an application program interface to support additional integration of the CGS Toolset in other DoD applications.

After initial development of the CGS Toolset and Integrated Viewer, BAE Systems will also integrate the Toolset and Viewer into the Distributed Common Ground System Integration Backbone, provide user training, support testing and validation activities, support special studies, and incorporate technology enhancements.

BAE Systems has been providing key exploitation systems to government and commercial customers for more than 20 years. SOCET GXP is BAE Systems’ full spectrum software application designed to support the geospatial analysis workflow from image analysis through rigorous photogrammetry.

The company is a primary developer of sensor models and sensor-model technology for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. These products, along with other technologies and applications, have previously been seamlessly integrated into the Precision Targeting Workstation, the Navy’s premier targeting system for precision-guided munitions such as the Tomahawk cruise missile.

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