AERO-METRIC Announces Promotions

AERO-METRIC is pleased to announce a number of promotions at the Sheboygan corporate office. Bernard Schur, President and CEO, during a meeting with all the Sheboygan staff, introduced Patrick Olson, Senior Vice President, as the newly appointed Division Manager of the Sheboygan Division. In this capacity, Patrick is responsible to direct the activities of production, marketing and support staff located in Sheboygan. Patrick will continue in his role of coordinating marketing activities between all seven operating divisions of the firm.

In addition, a major realignment of the management of the Sheboygan Marketing Department was presented. Jeffery Stroub was appointed to the position of Manager of Domestic Programs and was named a Vice President. Jeff will manage the marketing activities of the Sheboygan-based marketing staff. Roger Crystal was appointed to the position of Manager of Federal Programs and was named a Vice President. Roger will direct the marketing activities of the firm in pursuit of contracting opportunities with all major federal agencies. Both Jeff and Roger will report to Patrick.

AERO-METRIC is one of the nation’s leading aerial photography, surveying and geo-spatial services firm.  In addition to its Sheboygan corporate headquarters, clients are served through a network of regional division offices in Anchorage, Alaska; Chilton, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Fort Collins, Colorado, Dulles, Virginia; and Seattle, Washington.  The firms employs approximately 300 nationwide.