ProMap Corporation becomes a division of Indianapolis-based Schneider Corporation

Move creates one of leading GIS, Engineering, and Land Surveying service providers in 15-state region

Indianapolis, IN (DATE, 2005) – On May 1, two of the Midwest’s leading providers of GIS (Geographic Information System) services for land development clients joined forces. The addition of Ames, Iowa-based ProMap’s world-class technology and experienced development team will make Schneider Corporation one of the leading GIS, Engineering, and Land Surveying service providers in a 15-state region.

According to Ed Jolliffe, president of The Schneider Corporation, “This move enables us to leverage two strong brands from different regions into a single more inclusive entity, and positions us to offer a broader range of services and products to a wider market than ever before.” Schneider looks to increase its scope and capabilities by combining two of the largest GIS web-hosting services in the country, which will allow Schneider to accelerate the use of GIS for both Schneider and ProMap clients.

The combined resources of the two companies will strengthen The Schneider Corporation’s strong pattern of growth. “This is a natural business evolution, a combination of two organizations with similar cultures and business goals who have partnered since 2001,” says Bob Mortensen, CEO, ProMap. “It makes us better able to serve the long-term needs of our GIS clients throughout the Midwest and beyond.” Both Mortensen and Tim Shuck, president of ProMap, will continue to play key roles in the ProMap division of Schneider.

Founded in 1962 and headquartered in Indianapolis, The Schneider Corporation has four offices and more than 300 professionals serving a range of clients throughout the Midwest. Schneider applies professional expertise and sophisticated technology in the areas of Engineering, Land Surveying, and GIS services to collect, create, and manage the geospatial information that supports its clients’ growth. Founded in 1991 to help local government utilize GIS, ProMap is a leading provider of comprehensive GIS applications for clients throughout the Midwest and the nation.

GIS (Geographic Information System) is a computerized tool for mapping and analyzing events, predicting outcomes, and forming strategies. GIS takes data from databases and spreadsheets and puts them on a map as layers of information, allowing users to visualize information and highlighting data for better analysis. GIS is used by hundreds of people worldwide in government, education, and industries, such as: health care, agriculture, transportation, real estate, banking, marketing, and more.