Corbley Communications Launches Small Business Development Program

Winchester, Virginia, 16 May 2005 – Corbley Communications Inc. has launched a Small Business Development Program to provide public relations services to geospatial firms that have fewer than 12 employees or have been in business less than five years. Public relations services will be offered to these businesses at special reduced rates for a period of two years.

“Our goal is to help small and newly formed geospatial companies grow their businesses by implementing cost-effective public relations practices and strategies,” said Kevin Corbley, the owner and founder of Corbley Communications Inc. in Winchester, Va.

The Corbley Communications Small Business Development Program offers public relations services, consulting and training to qualified companies in all segments of the geotechnologies industry. The program is designed specifically for small businesses that want to improve profitability by raising their profiles in the marketplace and promoting their geospatial products domestically or internationally.

Offered services include:
• Public Relations Campaign Development
• Press Release Writing and Distribution
• Feature Article Writing and Placement
• Web Content Production

For small businesses that prefer to plan and implement their public relations programs internally, Corbley Communications provides consulting and training customized to support the sales and marketing objectives of geospatial organizations.

Headquartered in Winchester, Va., just outside the Washington, D.C. area, Corbley Communications Inc. has been providing public relations services to the worldwide geospatial industry since 1993. Corbley Communications’ clients come from every sector of the remote sensing, digital mapping and GIS industry, and they include software developers, value-added solutions providers, aerial survey firms and satellite operators.

For more information on the Small Business Development Program, call Corbley Communications at 540-667-2511 or visit and click on Small Business Program.