Intergraph's Z/I Imaging DMC Selected by Great Britain's National Mapping Agency

System improves production throughput by eliminating film processing and scanning

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Feb. 8, 2005 – Intergraph <NASDAQ: INGR> Mapping and Geospatial Solutions today announced Ordnance Survey of Great Britain has purchased Intergraph’s Z/I Imaging(R) DMC(R) (Digital Mapping Camera) system to complete conversion of its photogrammetric operations into a fully digital process and increase productivity from mission planning through orthophoto and mapping production. Using the DMC, Ordnance Survey expects to enhance production processes with increased image quality, accuracy and speed, as well as to realize cost savings. The DMC will extend Ordnance Survey’s capabilities for the timely capture and delivery of precise, high-quality geocorrected imagery, which forms the basis of the organization’s national mapping product portfolio.

Ordnance Survey is the government agency responsible for official, definite surveying and topographic mapping of Great Britain. As the importance of geographic information increases, the need to ensure that the consistent capture of important national geospatial datasets is achieved in the most efficient and effective way is paramount. Ordnance Survey is investing in leading-edge technology to deliver business efficiencies and continually improve the capture, maintenance and data integration process. Procurement of the DMC is a part of Ordnance Survey’s strategy to remove the last analogue processes within the current photogrammetric production tasks, thereby introducing a fully digital workflow.

"The demand for aerial imagery is continuing to rise as it is required to support an ever-increasing range of datasets," said Mark Taylor, Photogrammetric Manager, Ordnance Survey of Great Britain. "In particular, we have a need to improve the throughput time from image acquisition to data extraction and integration so our customers receive data of highest quality whenever and wherever significant change occurs. We have selected the DMC as we believe it will allow us to meet this particular operational challenge by increasing the amount of data which can be collected, the speed of postprocessing production and ultimately, the quality of the deliverables we offer our customers."

The DMC can capture 36-bit color imagery with ground resolutions as small as 1 1/2 inches per pixel. Imagery acquired with the DMC maintains high geometric and radiometric quality throughout each stage of the project lifecycle – mission planning, sensor management, photogrammetric production and client/server image management, storage and distribution. Another design feature of the DMC is its ability to collect aerial frame imagery in panchromatic, color and color infrared bands simultaneously. This allows three separate high-resolution end products – black and white, panchromatic color and false-color infrared – to be generated from a single airborne data set.

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